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2012: Looking Back // Part 2

December 31, 2012

a year in review :: stuff steph does


Happy Monday and last day of 2012! Time to continue the look back at the past year of stuff I did.  On Friday I recapped the first half of the year and now its time to reminisce about July-December:


This salad is still a go-to meal on days when I don’t really feel like cooking, or maybe after a week of indulging on holiday treats and we want to lighten things up a bit. (guess what we’ll be eating this week?)

B and I traveled quite a bit in July so it was a pretty light month in the way of making things. My only other highlight is my personalized fedora , which not only dressed up a plain hat three ways, but also gave me my “about me” photo for the past 4 months!


I migrated the site from to a self-hosted WordPress site at the end of August. I never feel like the blog is completely done and I’m always looking for ways to improve it, but this was a  big leap towards getting the blog where I want it to be.

Other August Faves:


Geez, where was I in September? This was a light month in the blogging department with a whopping 7 posts for the whole 30 days. Probably because B and I were so busy with planning Columbus Design Week. (planning for 2013 has begun, so cbusr’s get excited!) Lucy did manage to get some homemade treats, so at least she was’t forgotten about even if the blog was somewhat ignored. I guess the only other post worth mentioning would be the dog treat round up to follow up Lucy’s corn crumpets.


My birthday month! I finally officially started a blog life list giving myself 2 years to complete 30 fun things. I think it’s time I get  started on some of those…

Other October Faves:


These upcycled sweater cowls were the most popular post for November and I’m still getting comments about people making them for holiday gifts. I love it!

Other November Faves:


The blogosphere is overwhelmingly filled with holiday themed recipes and projects in December, and I’m not one to disappoint! These felt balls were a fun base craft that I’m sure will come up in the future as other felt ball base crafts show up.

Other December Faves:

And that’s 2012 in a nutshell!  Thank you my friends for reading and supporting me in this project. I have met so many wonderful people through blogging and can not wait to see what 2013 brings!

Have a wonderful, happy, and safe New Year’s Celebration! See you in 2013!



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