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August 28, 2013



I finally had a free Saturday afternoon this weekend and decided to spend it checking out a few of the many vintage stores Columbus has to offer. And before you start getting too excited, I didn’t buy anything. I felt like coming back with a substantial piece of furniture would have been too impulsive of a purchase, but if my sensibilities hadn’t got the best of me, I would have come home with a beautiful Paul McCobb Table and Chairs. It was gorgeous: loved the color of the wood, included leaves so it could be small to fit in our tiny kitchen, but could get bigger if we needed it to…

Alright enough day dreaming about the table! A couple of women came in right after me and started drooling over it, too. I’m going to convince myself they bought it so I can just move on already. 

But anyway, how great is Paul McCobb? Unfamiliar? No Problem! Here’s a sampling of some of his work that I think is pretty fantastic.

planner group | paul mccobb

image via

After some crude research I found that he designed furniture for Planner Group, manufactured by Winchendon Furniture, which was an affordable furniture line, and Directional, which was more high end. Ok, enough with the history lesson, on with the lovely:

Paul McCobb nighstand

Oh my gosh, I think I found West Elm’s inspiration for my “dream nightstand” I posted about earlier…And just incase you’re wondering, my hunt for B’s nightstand is still pending. And yes, I do have a “dream nightstand.” Doesn’t everyone?

Paul McCobb Lounge Chair

Great chair. Great Lines. I even like the fabric. Put this pillow on it, and I’ll take it.

Geometric Chairs by Paul McCobb

I see the Eames Fiberglass shell chairs all over the place, but how cool is this geo version!? Oh Paul, you were so ahead of the game…

Cabinet by Paul McCobb

I think I like this mainly because I want to cross stitch some bold graphic in the holes of the peg board.

Bar Cart by Paul McCobb

I’m not even a big liquor drinker, but after exhausting the Netflix inventory of Mad Men, I feel like my living room can’t be complete without one of these. I love the bent plywood shelf on this one. This would even be cool in an office or kitchen. Love me some rollable storage!

Want more?

  • Check out my newly created Pinterest Board for some more of my favorite Mid Century Picks! 
  • More interested on the history side of things? This blog devoted to the designer has a lot of pictures and information for your perusal
  • This site has a ton of pieces for sale from many different merchants (and the source for most of these images)
So what do you think? Are you a fan of the simple lines from this style? Or do you prefer other styles?

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