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February 27, 2013

elisa werbler - opal print

I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about how having an October birthday is the best ever because October is without a doubt the best month. Great weather, beautiful colors, awesome harvest season…need I say more? Well ok, I’ll say one more: the Opal. Totally a rockin’ (pun intended) birthstone! I love the variety of colors and fieriness to the gem, which is why Elisa Werbler’s Handprinted silkscreened version of the Opal is headlining this week’s Mid Week Refresh. She did an entire birthstone series, and even though I’m partial to the opal, all of these prints are absolutely gorgeous.

elisa werbler - alexandrite print

B’s June birthstone (alexandrite) is pretty great, too. How awesome would these looked framed next to each other? Totally stashing that away for a future wall art idea…

elisa werbler - diamond print

April – Diamond

elisa werbler - peridot print

August – Peridot

You can see all of the birthstone prints and her other great work on her website

All photos from Elisa Werbler

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