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June 13, 2013

bedroom rug shopping

Well as you would expect after yesterday’s rug story, I’ve been hounding the rug sections on tons of websites looking for the new “perfect rug.” I’m keeping an open mind and not just trying to find the closest replacement to the first rug.  Here are some of the options I’ve found.

Note: some of these are a little out of the original set budget, but that’s what window shopping is all about, right!?

 I would put my first rug under the graphic motif category: 2 colors, repetitive pattern, but still somewhat neutral and flexible to go with a lot of different stuff. I could follow suit and stick with the same type…

modern bedroom rugs

  Or I could go for a little more bolder graphic…

bold pattern bedroom rugs

Or go for the luxe texture…(nothing quite says welcome to the bedroom like a giant thumbprint rug)

bedroom rugs texture


Want to see more? Check out my Pinterest board for more rug finds! What do you think? Is it all about texture? or the fun pattern? or both?

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