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Columbus is Cool | Brothers Drake Mead

January 11, 2012

Columbus has a lot going for it, lots of cool shops and things to do that are unique to the city. Each month I’m going to do/experience something new (to me) that is unique to Columbus each month and share it with the world here!

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Mead, in its most basic form is wine made from honey and water. Add fruits, spices, and flowers and you get a very tasty, unique drink. Make it from all locally-grown and produced ingredients from Columbus, OH and you have mead from Brothers Drake, Columbus’ first and only meadery. They use only organic, local ingredients to craft their mead; even the bees making the honey are from Columbus (well, Central-Ohio at least)!

I had the pleasure of working with Evelyn and Woody (two of the owners) this past summer helping them with a community garden they started up earlier in the year. I saw first-hand how important building and strengthening the community is to them through this project and there’s no doubt they put that same effort into their mead.

They have awesome flavors, too, like Bergamot Blue adding blueberries and Bergamot flowers into the mix. VO, “Vanilla-Orange”, Apple Pie, and Honey Oak are just a few of the other meads you can try.

Since staying local is important, this awesome stuff is only available here in Columbus, so if you aren’t from around here, you’re going to have to come here to try it!

OK, so I technically didn’t just experience this for the first time, but, I had some of my favorite mead, Bergamot Blue, with a homemade pizza here and thought it was fitting to have it be a kick off to these posts.

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    Perfect. After reading your “fancy pizza” entry my first thought was, “Great, now tell me more about that mead in photo.”

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