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Knit Awesomeness!

January 13, 2012

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Whew! Finally finishing up my first full five day week in who knows how long. Glad its almost over. Let’s celebrate with some knit awesomeness!

What is this “knit awesomeness” you ask? Well, since my love of yarn has been made incredibly public as of late (I was a closet yarnaholic prior to this blog) people have been sending me super cool/funny/interesting things made out of yarn. I’ve been compiling them on a board on pinterest appropriately titled “knit awesomeness,” but I think it would be fun to post them on here, too, because then I can give a commentary with it.

I think there’s going to be multiple knit awesomeness posts because there is a ton of stuff out there, so today will be limited to things that are not wearable. (all photos link to the image source)

Knit Pillow Puffs


I’ve been head over heels sort of in love with knit pillows lately. I can’t believe I haven’t done any yet?? But these giant knit pillow puffs are totally fabulous. The link even has a pattern on how to make them!!

fab knit stools

credit: Claire-ann O’Brien

These stools are just all kinds of awesome. No pattern for these guys; they are definitely a work of art! Here’s some closeups:

credit: Claire-ann O’Brien

credit: Claire-ann O’Brien

over the top knit chair

credit: BiscuitScout etsy shop

Woah! A knit chair! Actually its a slipcover and its for sale, so if your heart is set on having a whole chair covered in yarn, jump on this offer!

ridiculously detailed knit skeleton….wait, a skeleton?!

credit: Ben Cuevas

Wow. This is super impressive. Look at the details! He even knit each tooth…

credit: Ben Cuevas

knit lighting

credit: Les Petits Bohemes

ahh, in a perfect world I would be lounging around in amazing legwarmers and a cozy sweater, covered up under a knit blanket, sitting on a knit chair being propped up by a cool knit pillow and reading by my knit lamp! Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration, but seriously?! These exist?! It looks like you can even get them in custom colors. Who even knew….aren’t you glad you’re learning about all these awesome knit things today?

Credit Les Petits Bohemes

knit, uhh, guns?

The safest guns you can buy! (I don’t have a source link for this one)

eat your veggies (or knit them!)

credit: Ko-Ko-Ko Kids

No worries about these veggies spoiling! Actually I think these would be fun for a play kitchen, they would go really great with this diy play kitchen by

credit Ko-Ko-Ko Kids

knit awesomeness finale:


How would you like to drive around in this fancy car!?

Ahhh, So little time and so much knit awesomeness to be had! What knit awesomeness have you seen?

That’s all for today, have a great weekend!

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