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How Jawbone helps with healthy living

A couple weeks ago I posted about ways to stay active while sitting at a desk all day, and one of those ways was tracking your activity. I have been tracking my steps, sleeping habits, and water intake all with the Jawbone Up Move and the SmartCoach app. Now that I’ve been using both the tracker and the app for the past few weeks I wanted to share my thoughts, a review per se, with you all. (more…)

house update | the exterior part i

While lots of things have been happening on the inside of our house, there’s been some transformations on the outside, too! (more…)

how to stay active with a desk job

jawbone UP MOVE

I’ve always been an active person. I played competitive sports through high school and then participated in my fair share of intramurals during my college years. (Four-time undefeated champs of Inner Tube Water Polo for the win). But it always seemed easy to find time in between classes or after school to stay active. It wasn’t something I tried to do, it was just a part of life. Now since I’ve been out of school, working full time, and not worried about fitting into a wedding dress, its been more of a chore to find ways to keep moving since I sit at a computer nearly all day. A couple months ago I made a conscious effort to make time for exercising and figure out ways to fit it in throughout the day, so when Jawbone asked if I wanted to try out their newest fitness tracker, UP MOVE, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to see just how well my strategies have been working. (more…)

our wedding | the overall vibe

columbus ohio wedding

Time for another long overdue Wedding Wednesday post. From here on out, I deem all Wedding Wednesday posts to be long overdue. Get over it.

I wavered about what I wanted to talk about today, but I thought before going into all the details of the whole reception, I should talk about the overall vibe I was going for because I actually had a hard time really figuring that out. So when Wedding Paper Divas asked me if I wanted to help share their new Wedding Color Guide, I thought that would be a great way to talk about my struggle with colors and nailing down an idea and hopefully help some current bride-to-be’s who may be going through the same thing. There were so many different ideas and details I’d find on Pinterest or wedding blogs that I wanted to incorporate but too many ideas can get overwhelming and you have to finally have to stop searching and just focus in on what is most important to you. (more…)

all white everything

columbus house renovation

Two weeks have flown by since my last update and things sure look different around the house! B and I had a painting marathon over Memorial Day Weekend, and I’m not exaggerating in the slightest when I say marathon. Friday after work we went and bought all of the supplies we thought we would need, which included a 5 gallon bucket of drywall primer. 5 gallons! A huge bucket! I thought we’d be set. Ha, boy was I wrong. (more…)

monday house update

Time for another rousing house update! This week can be summed up in one word: Drywall.


inspiration | Tiled kitchen walls

It’s Friday!

Now that all the rough stuff is wrapped up, finishes will begin and that means figuring out all the little details that will really make the house look complete. I’ve been noodling on tile elevations this week for both the bathroom and kitchen walls, and while the bathroom was pretty straightforward the kitchen has more stuff that needs to get figured out. Here’s a reminder: (more…)

Affordable Modern Fans


affordable modern ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are tough. I love them because they circulate the air and make spaces feel cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter without adding much conditioned air and without having a bulky window fan sitting on the dresser which we’ve had for the past 4 years. I don’t love them so much because they don’t usually look that good, and if they do look good, they’re $$$$.

We are installing three fans in the house: one in each bedroom and one in the living room. So I’ve spent a good deal of time searching the internets for some nice looking fans that aren’t going to break the bank. Here are the contenders: (more…)

house update

columbus home renovation

Happy Monday! I haven’t checked in a couple weeks because visually there really hasn’t been any drastic changes since the rough framing, but I’ll recap now to get you up to speed.

It felt like summer this weekend, and B and I spent a lot of time outside working in the yard clearing out overgrown trees, vines, weeds, and general junk that had accumulated in said overgrown vegetation. Full blown landscaping will most likely be next year’s project, but in the meantime its good to keep things somewhat groomed.


the floor situation

hardwood flooring refinish

Oh, the floors. This has been in the back of ,my mind since the beginning, and for the past few weeks it has made its way front and center, under a spotlight, in my brain. There have been lots of ups and downs, and we still haven’t made any final decisions, but I figure I’ll bring you up to speed with the floor situation. (more…)


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