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Nursery Plans

March 6, 2017

As soon as word was out that I was pregnant, people have been asking what the nursery is going to look like. And don’t get me wrong, I’ve been thinking about it for a while now. We always planned on the office becoming a nursery. We purposefully didn’t do too much in there and just got some simple Ikea desks to tide us over until the day came that the room would be transformed for a new tiny human. Here’s our plans for making the room worthy for the new babe:

What’s Staying

We’re not starting with a completely blank slate. There are a few elements in the room that are staying that we’re making ourselves work around.

Paint Color. B and I are still painted out from painting every single surface of this house 3 times over. So that means we aren’t changing the paint color. I’m totally cool with that, though. We planned on those walls staying from day one. SW7674 for the win!

The Rocker (and the cushions). We just recovered those cushions about 2 months before finding out we were pregnant. They’re staying.

The Rug. The rug still looks fine. It’s neutral enough and if we don’t have to spend money on a new one that’s cool with me. It’s one of the few things that made it through from the pre-renovation house, and it will make it through yet another transformation.

The Shelves. Right, like we’re going to get rid of storage! The dresser/changing table will take the place of that desk, but the shelves and priceless storage above are staying.

The Dog. Duh. Luckily Lucy is mobile and goes with any decor.

The Plan

So here’s how we’re making it all work:


The Crib: We’re using my nephew’s old crib, which is a dark wood color close to the same color as the wood on the rocker. To freshen it up and to keep the small room feeling bright and open I wanted to paint it a bright color. Bright golden yellow seems to be the accent color of choice for us in this house (as seen here and here), so why not keep up the trend and paint the crib the same color?

The Bedding/Linens: If you didn’t catch on with from this inspiration post, I’m drawn to the bold black and white patterns, so the sheets and diaper changing pad will follow suit.

The Wall Art: Simple and modern, not too baby. I really like this set of prints and this alphabet print.

The Storage: Storage solutions of course are super important given how small the room is. I originally wanted some fun vintage dresser for the room, but when I realized this one fits in that nook absolutely perfectly, I don’t think we’ll find a better suited option. Most low dressers are much wider and wouldn’t fit in the room. This one is giving us the most possible cubic inches of drawer space for that nook. I also love these cute black and white baskets for diapers and toiletries, and then the natural wood baskets will be good for storing toys and other things that we want to be able to put away.

The Pouf: I’ve always wanted a pouf and I think I always put them in my mood boards but have yet to ever actually acquire one. We’ll see if I follow through on this one. But it seems like a good idea to go with the rocker, am I right?

The View

Just in case you need more help visualizing, here’s a quick sneak peek view of what the space could look like:

The one thing I’m still missing, because I have yet to find the right ones that aren’t uber expensive, are the fun / funky pillows I went on and on about in this post. I’m still on the hunt. It’s easy to find awesome stuff that’s 200 bucks and ships from Denmark. The trick is finding something a bit more attainable. If anyone finds anything please share!

That’s all for today. Happy Monday!

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