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February 9, 2017

Part of our baby prep these next few months is going to be getting Baby P’s room in order. That means saying adiós to the office and welcoming yet one more (small) renovation project. You know what, I shouldn’t even call it a renovation, just a small transformation. The plans are still in the works, but here are some nurseries that I think are pretty cool:


This image shows up all over Pinterest and for good reason! I love that its young but not “baby,” masculine, but doesn’t scream “boy.” I’ve also been eyeing that leather pouf or something similar for our rocker…

image via Kidsomania

One thing I’ve learned as I’ve been pinning nurseries is that I’m really drawn mash up of quirky, funky, odd shaped pillows. Clouds, mountains, cacti, all are fun! The only problem is, once the baby is actually sleeping in the crib, those pillows will have to get out, so, maybe I’ll need to find some cute little quirky pillow corner where all the fun pillows can sit while the babe isn’t snoozing.

This nursery is all kinds of classy. I’m drawn to the black and white with the green from the plants. I love the idea of having the hanging greens over the crib instead of prints, but truth be told, unless we go the faux greenery route, we’re probably not going to have any plants in the nursery. And we’re probably  not going the faux greenery route…but still, this nursery is pretty great.

Funky pillows? check. Bright and happy? check. Not screaming “baby?” check! Looks like a winner to me. P.S. the whole house featured in the source link is pretty great.

Image via Project Nursery

I like the simplicity of this space. The wood tones warm up all the black and white.

Oh Eight Oh Nine Oh man do yourself a favor and check out this blog! All the rooms are great. So many fun pillows 🙂 I love that this nursery is neutral and colorful at the same time. Such a fun space for a baby.

I could go on but I think you get the gist of what we’re going for for Baby P. If you still want to see more check out and follow my Nursery Board on Pinterest.


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