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March 6, 2013

vanja-bazdulj-big wonky pots

I just can’t help myself when it comes to awesome, funky, altered textiles and these Wonky Pots by Architect-turned-Artist Vanja Bazdujl are simply that. It came as no surprise to me when I learned she started out studying architecture because of the inherent structural quality of these pots and the exploration of material behaviors that she is without-a-doubt interested in.  The pots are created from felted wool embedded with resin to manipulate the structure, texture, and graphic nature of each pot. Each piece is a material study celebrating the aesthetics of combining different materials and techniques.

I Love. Keep reading for more:

vanja-bazdulj-big wonky pots

She was commissioned by Anthropologie to create a larger version of her original Wonky Pots (the first three shown here), which are nearly 3 feet in height or width. Although the technique has some amount of rigor and precision to it, no two pots will ever be exactly the same given the dynamic nature of the materials, which I think just makes them even more amazing.

vanja-bazdulj-big wonky pots

The following photos are from her original Wonky Pot Series:

vanja-bazdulj-big wonky pots

vanja-bazdulj-big wonky pots

vanja-bazdulj-wonky pots

I even love that they’re titled “Wonky Pots.”

Ugh. So Good!

Besides pots, she also makes wonky chandeliers and other furniture using felt, clay, wood, rubber, and other materials. Check it all out on her site: Vanja Bazdujl

And check out her commissioned work for Anthropologie here.

All photos from Vanja Bazdujl



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