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birthday dinner at z cucina

October 11, 2011

If you haven’t noticed, I’m trying a little naming game of “stuff I [past tense verb] | explanation.” We’ll see how it goes. Maybe there will be four of five big categories: did, ate, made, ??, ??. I guess you’ll just have to keep coming back to find out!

birthday dinner at z cucina

It seems that bloggers always have fun angles and cool pictures of mundane things. Here is my first attempt. Plus I want to figure out how to add pictures to this.

So my 27th birthday was yesterday, 10.10.  Gawd, 27…my twenties are dwindling away! Brandon took me out to eat after work yesterday to a locally owned restaurant in Grandview. It was fabulous. Brandon got Scallops with tagliatelle and broccolini (which we decided was a mix of broccoli and asparagus). I got pan-seared Gnocchi with pesto, grape tomatoes and shaved parmesan. mmm, tasty! Plus the weather has been absolutely gorgeous here lately, so we ate outside on the lovely patio. Even though it was overlooking a rather unsightly parking lot, the ambiance was pretty good.

That’s all for tonight. Ideas have been brewing for future posts though, so keep a look out. I’ll be back soon!


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