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powder room renovation | before & after

March 7, 2016


Happy Monday! Now that I’ve shown you the upstairs bathroom, office, and bedroom, it’s time to finally work our way to the main level. We’re kicking it off with the room that didn’t even exist before. Let me remind you of the plans:

columbus house renovation

If you remember in the kitchen we had the half bath and laundry room sticking out into the middle of the room which really closed off the kitchen.  The room needed to go. We found a place for the laundry upstairs in our closet, but we still needed to find a place for the half bath, not that we really use it, but for resale’s sake, losing a half bath on the first floor probably wouldn’t have been a smart decision. So we decided to move the half bath under the stairs. Best decision ever. Eh, maybe that’s a bit of a hyperbole, but, still a good decision nonetheless.


I knew from the beginning I wanted to do something really fun with this room. I love that everything is relatively simple in the house, but then you catch a glimpse of some crazy pattern peeking through, and you’re totally surprised when you open the door.


How fun is that?! The wallpaper is from Miss Print. I love so many patterns on that site that it was really hard to nail one down, but I’m happy with our decision. My mom and I hung the wall paper in an afternoon. Having decorated several houses in the 1980s, my mom is practically a pro at hanging wallpaper and luckily didn’t lose any of her skills.  I dare you to find the seams!


This room is tiny. Just under 36″ wide. But it does what it needs to do perfectly. I had originally pictured a floating shelf above the commode for cute bathroom things (and some storage), but when I got it in the room we just saw a “T” and the relationship between the shelf and the toilet just didn’t work. So alas, the basket is all we’re getting for now.


Just to make the room even more happy and inspiring we put the Holstee Manifesto I got B after he made the leap to do his own thing full time a couple years ago. If you’re ever having a bad day, and think a room is what you need to cheer up, my bathroom is just the place 🙂


Can we talk about this sink for a minute? Everything about this room is cute, and the sink is no exception. Because the room is so skinny, there wasn’t any room for a large sink to protrude out, but you definitely need a sink in a powder to wash your hands and that is absolutely the only thing you can do with this guy. But it serves it’s purpose, and its cute to boot.


The sconce above the mirror is from Onefortythree. The giant light bulb was in my light bulb stash I had accumulated back when I was asked to do something creative with light bulbs and I bought every size light bulb the ReStore had in stock. This is the only one I have so I hope it never burns out…


This terribly awkward photo shows the light/fan combo we put in. Because there aren’t any windows in this bathroom, code requires an exhaust fan, but there’s only a 3’x3′ section of flat ceiling that I really didn’t want to muck up with a light and a separate rectangular fan.

And that’s our tiny, adorable powder room! Only two more rooms to go!

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