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Bathroom renovation | before & after

February 18, 2016

bathroom reveal


Well, the blog may have stopped but that doesn’t mean the renovations did! I have no excuses for not blogging for the past, ohhh, 8 months except the usual life-is-busy spiel, so I’ll spare you that and we’ll just get on with it. As of now the renovations are complete. Which is a good thing considering the last time I updated you we were hot and heavy in priming every. single. surface. of this place.

That’s enough small talk, let’s get to it! The first reveal is the upstairs bathroom. A good one to kick things off with a lot of before and after appeal 🙂

Let’s reminisce back to the days of the rental bathroom in all its glory:

bathroom renovation before


Ugh. So. Good.

If you want the full commentary, might I lead you back to this post of the tour of the second floor before.

And now, the after:

bathroom renovation

We moved the wall out into the hallway so the bathroom door would not open into the shower. It makes a huge difference and the space feels so much bigger now.

Bathroom renovation


Let me tell you how much I love this vanity. So much storage. The Ikea Godmorgon vanity is totally genius how it gives you two FULL drawers of storage space. Any other wall mounted drawer vanity I could find that was even remotely similar to this one was major $$$. We did not do an Ikea faucet, which works out fine, but in order to give you maximum storage, one thing you can’t have is the little pull tab that plugs the drain from the faucet because the lever to make that mechanism work takes up precious under-sink space. So our faucet has a little hole in the back where that pull tab should be, but you know what? Unless you pull out a little hand mirror and stick it back there, you never miss that little pull tab. Or you could just get an Ikea faucet and not worry about it.

Our other big storage solution was building this dresser into the wall instead of that dark, awkward over-the-stair closet we had before. We have so much room in here that 3 of those drawers were completely empty. I figured we should use the space for something so now we have a near 6-month supply of toilet paper hiding out in this bathroom and you’d never know it!

bathroom renovation


bathroom renovation

I’m completely in love with the subway tile and I’m glad we decided to go vertical which makes the shower feel so tall!
bathroom renovation

Another last minute decision was adding a nook in the shower wall. I love having a built-in place for shampoo bottles instead of the over-the-shower head thing we had before.
bathroom renovation
bathroom renovation


There you have it! Our bathroom renovation. Even though its been done for a few months now I still love being in there…well as much as you can love being in a bathroom!

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  • Reply Amanda Weber May 8, 2017 at 3:56 pm

    Hi Steph,

    Beautiful bathroom! I was wondering what size Godmorgon sink this is and what the dimensions of your bathroom are. We have a small 5×8 bathroom and were hoping to fit the 31″ Godmorgon sink instead of the smaller one..


    • Reply steph May 21, 2017 at 8:42 pm

      Thanks Amanda! We used the 31″ sink and our bathroom is about 9′-8″ wide. I would suggest taping it out on the floor so you can see how it will fit in your bathroom before buying it. Good luck! We love that sink and vanity!

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