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May 18, 2015

Time for another rousing house update! This week can be summed up in one word: Drywall.

columbus house renovation

We got new ceilings everywhere. We hated the texture of the old ceilings and since we were changing so much of the lighting and plumbing we had really torn up a lot of the existing stuff already. It was definitely just easier to cover it all up with some nice clean new drywall. Smooth ceilings here we come!

drywall installation columbus

Our “fireplace” has a little dimension to it now since they had to build legit plumb walls for that bathroom door. Turns out that fireplace cants out as it goes up. I actually like it. We’ll probably keep the brick painted white and then the walls will be a another color for a nice little accent. Since we’re covering up the other side for storage’s sake, it’s nice that we’ll really be calling out that exposed brick on the living room side.

drywall installation columbus

Future home of new cabinets and lots of outlets! That one above the fridge is for the microwave. Our microwave outlet before was behind the drywall and was seriously accessed by someone punching a hole in the wall. I’m not exaggerating one bit. There will be no punches in walls now.

drywall installation columbus

Future eating area. They added a bulkhead between the kitchen and living room because the ceiling heights were slightly off.

drywall installation columbus

New closet in the bedroom

drywall installation columbus

and the laundry nook!

drywall installation columbus

We didn’t think about that adding this bigger closet was going to make a little vestibule into the bedroom. I guess we did realize it, but didn’t think about the ramifications of lighting our new little nook, so we’re going to add a light in this area since our only other light source in this room is the light from the ceiling fan.

The new shorter hallway and entrance into the bathroom

drywall installation columbus

The little nook for our built in storage in the bathroom.

drywall installation columbus

And last but not least, the office. Really just getting new ceilings in here with plenty of new lights.

On the (hopeful) docket for this week: Painting and floors!

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