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May 15, 2015

It’s Friday!

Now that all the rough stuff is wrapped up, finishes will begin and that means figuring out all the little details that will really make the house look complete. I’ve been noodling on tile elevations this week for both the bathroom and kitchen walls, and while the bathroom was pretty straightforward the kitchen has more stuff that needs to get figured out. Here’s a reminder:

That whole back wall with the shelves is getting tiled as well as the backsplash on the adjacent wall. We’re going with white subway tile because its classic and clean looking, but there are so many options! And those shelves!! Wood? Reclaimed? Stainless? White? Floating brackets? Angles? Painted? Gah!!

I’ll spare you the details and just show some pretty pictures of kitchens I’m finding inspiring at the moment, because really, looking at pretty pictures is all I actually did tonight.




Source Left | Right



Clean, fresh, happy, modern. That’s what we’re going for.

All the drywall is getting taped and mudded now and we’ll have another update next week! ¬†Have a wonderful weekend!

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