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May 11, 2015

columbus home renovation

Happy Monday! I haven’t checked in a couple weeks because visually there really hasn’t been any drastic changes since the rough framing, but I’ll recap now to get you up to speed.

It felt like summer this weekend, and B and I spent a lot of time outside working in the yard clearing out overgrown trees, vines, weeds, and general junk that had accumulated in said overgrown vegetation. Full blown landscaping will most likely be next year’s project, but in the meantime its good to keep things somewhat groomed.

The Good

All inspections passed!

We had inspections for rough framing, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical and they all passed the first time through. Which means now everything can get covered up with drywall and the fun stuff can begin!

Cabinets were delivered

We bought Ikea Cabinets and they were delivered last week. All 110 boxes. Yes. One Hundred and Ten Boxes. We told our Contractor to give us a hefty lead time so we can get them put together in time for installation and he just chuckled and wished us luck.

columbus home renovation

(Our future laundry nook, complete with water, a dryer vent, and power!)

The Bad

The wrong tub was installed.

I didn’t realize the tub came in so early in the game and we were so excited to come see it because we had picked a really slick tub and it was going to be the first “real” thing in the house. Then we went up there and it was definitely not what we picked out. No worries, though, they ordered the right one and will switch it out when it comes. We won’t get set back in schedule at all. The plumber’s a little peeved that he has to move that heavy thing back downstairs and bring another one up, but he’ll deal.

The Ugly

The fence blew down.

We came over for our daily check in one evening to see a lot more backyard than we’re used to. About 25 feet of fence fell over on a not-even-windy day. Great. It looks like the fence had a full out battle with the vines growing behind it and the vines clearly won. They literally made their way between the posts and panels and pushed the fence onto the ground. Luckily we had a large supply of 2x4s in our living room to help prop it up for the time being while we figure out the fate of the fence.

Our initial thought was to replace those 3 fallen panels with some premade panels from Lowes and call it a day,  but it turns out whoever installed the fence cheaped out and spaced the posts 10 feet apart rather than 8 feet and made up the difference by scabbing the extra 2′ on either side. Any contractor we’ve talked to won’t fix it as is because it won’t be done right and they don’t want to put their name on a shoddy job.

And now that we’ve really looked at the rest of the fence along that side of the yard, it’s only a matter of time before the rest of it falls over. So it looks like we have to replace that entire side of fence. And guess what? Fences are PRI-CEY! Whew!

We’re still deciding what to do, which in reality means, we’re just procrastinating having to add that to the bill. For the now the fence has held up surprisingly well with those 2x4s.

Coming up:

Drywall is going up this week and then we’ll be painting and adding in all the fun stuff! Pictures should be more exciting from here on out.


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