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April 20, 2015

We’re starting to see some real progress over at the house these days! Rough framing is considered donezo for the time being, and now you can really see how things are starting to take shape. 

home renovation

The kitchen has been closed off so we can have a full wall of cabinets along that right wall. And when you see those furring strips on top of the brick you may be thinking to yourself, what?? they’re covering up that brick!? I know, to NOT expose brick is practically blasphemy with the rustic industrial look being so trendy these days but hear me out. It was just awkward. We tried to work with that wall and keep it as is but the sink would have been slightly off center with the brick it which would have driven me crazy. It would have been close enough to look like we tried to center it, but we miscalculated and were off by the slightest, but (trust me) noticeable amount. If we did really center it we would have lost a ton of useable storage space with our cabinet offerings, and not being efficient with storage in this small house is not an option. Also, we’re going to have a tile back splash and the mixing of the two materials was weird and made for a lot of opportunities for messy edges. Plus the edge where the countertop hits the brick would have been all wavy and full of caulk…

We went through every option with that wall, thought about it for a long time, and this was the best solution. Plus we’ll still have that beloved exposed, though painted, brick showing in the living room.

columbus house renovation

Here’s our adorable little powder room. Complete with the toilet hole and blocking for a cute little wall-mounted sink.  Haha toilet hole. That sounds so crude, but what else would you say?

columbus home renovation

In the bedroom we have a new closet and laundry room. Since the bedroom is getting a bit smaller I really didn’t want to take up any space with a door swinging into the room so the closet door will be on barn door hardware hence all that blocking between the studs.

columbus ohio bathroom renovation

Our new bathroom door! The bathroom is so much bigger and the hallway is so much smaller! Makes so much sense, right?

columbus bathroom renovation

This is where that awkward closet once was. You can see where the access used to be by looking at the old studs. Instead of making an awkward tiny dark room like before, we got an Ikea dresser that we’re building into the wall so it will look like a built in storage unit. Strike that, it won’t just look like a built in, that thing will be built in to that wall. We had our first change order with this built in storage, too, and by change order I mean, added money to the project. Let’s hope we keep those to a minimum, and really, this was a pretty minimal add but oh-so-necessary. I’ll explain.

If you scroll back up to the bedroom picture you’ll notice that our box spring is still in the bedroom. Why did we decide to keep that in this mess of a house during this whole process?? Simple. We literally couldn’t get it down the stairs. The ceiling in the stairway where that closet floor used to be was so low that you had to rip up the ceiling to get any sizable furniture up or down the stairs. And how crappy would it be to have this nice new ceiling and then when we move everything back in to have to rip it all up? I guess it wouldn’t have been a big deal to rip up the ceiling to get it down this last time, since everything was getting fixed anyway, but it ended up being a good reminder of what needed to be done.

So we had them raise the ceiling about 5″. After everything was all framed B and I tried to move the box spring down the steps and much to our dismay it scraped the new framing.


So we ever-so-sweetly asked the contractors to take it out and raise it again. It was really just a couple hours of work for them, so not a huge deal and now we have all the room in the world to move furniture in and out of the house.

columbus home renovation

Heck. We could jump down the stairs with that box spring if we wanted to and keep that ceiling untouched. We probably won’t try that, but it’s nice to know we could.

Up next: Rough plumbing and electrical! Stay tuned


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    Looks incredible! This is so fun following along the demo process. Thanks for sharing!
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    • Reply steph April 20, 2015 at 1:31 pm

      Thanks for following along!

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