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April 16, 2015

Time for some demo progress! B and I were both so excited to start tearing into the house, so we spent the week before the contractors were scheduled to start to get a head start on the demo and take down as much as we could ourselves. The first thing we tackled was that bathroom sticking into the kitchen. We couldn’t wait to see what that space was going to feel like all opened up. The final weekend before we invited some friends over and offered them pizza, beer, and the chance to rip out a wall or two. We definitely made some progress getting this house ready for its makeover.

home renovation

Here’s how far we got on our own. We basically stuck with the studs, drywall, and tile aspects of demo and left the electrical and plumbing elements for the contractors. But look at all that light coming in! I’m standing where our kitchen sink used to be. That duct between the windows is the future home of the new eat in area.

columbus home renovation

A nice, daylight-filled view of the kitchen from the no-longer-existing bathroom.

kitchen renovation columbus

Remember that little mouse problem we had a few years ago? Yeah…I think we found a few ways that they could get in.

columbus bedroom renovation

We tore out the closet in the bedroom.

home renovation columbus

We emptied out the office. A room I never thought would ever get cleared out.

columbus bathroom renovation

And all the fixtures and floor tile in the bathroom.

columbus bathroom renovation

We thought we made some progress and then the contractors came in…

columbus bathroom renovation

It was completely gutted. Seeing our house like this has been a bit overwhelming. It’s hard to believe that it’s all going to be put back together and livable again. Slowly but surely it is coming together. Stay tuned for more updates soon!


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