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April 15, 2015

columbus wedding

In this week’s edition: the ceremony. Like I said before we’ll go back and talk about some details in future posts.

The Venue

We got married and had the reception at Via Vecchia Winery in downtown Columbus. For as long as we have been planning the wedding we wanted to get married outside in the alley. Of course if it was raining we could have had the ceremony inside, but both B and I always imagined the ceremony outside under those lights.

The thing is, it was cold. Really cold.

Since we had everyone’s email from our online rsvp’s, we emailed everyone the day before to warn them to wear a coat, because unless it was pouring rain, we were getting married outside.

The wedding was at 5:30pm the week after daylight savings time so it was pretty dark, but we still didn’t care.

Succulents columbus wedding

Columbus Ohio Wedding

We had the cutest ring bearer and flower dog ever. Mason did an awesome job walking down the aisle, and as soon as he was off duty he fell asleep outside  in the freezing cold.

Columbus Ohio Wedding

The Ceremony

B’s good friend from college officiated the marriage, and the three of us worked together to write a ceremony that was perfect for B and me. Our ceremony was called “A Lovely Love Story” and we had our wedding party read the children’s book of the same name as one of our readings.

Instead of a unity candle, B and I did a wine box ceremony which we thought was fitting getting married in a winery and all. Instead of the mother’s walking down the aisle and each lighting one of the candles, they came up and put letters that our parents had written in the box. B and I also wrote each other letters to go in the box and during the ceremony  the plan was to add our letters as well as a bottle of wine from the winery and nail the box shut. In a set amount of time, we said 5 years, we can open the box up, read the letters, drink the wine and reminisce on the glorious day.

Spoiler: We actually never nailed our letters in the box. Our parents’ letters went in there but ours did not. During the ceremony, once we went over to the barrel to nail the box shut, B whispers to me: “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry I forgot to put the letters up here” ha! We just played it cool and nailed that box shut like everything that was supposed to be in there was in there.

It’s probably better that we forgot our letters anyway because we had a hard time closing the box with what we had in it.

The Vows

Another thing that B and I knew we wanted to do was write our own vows. We wrote them together. Each were different but with the same overall structure. We printed them out and put them in the inside covers of the Lovely Love Story book, and read from that during the ceremony

We ended up spending so much more time on the ceremony than I expected, but looking back I don’t regret it at all. I loved the words, the message, and the atmosphere of the whole thing. It was perfect for us.

All photos by Derk’s Works Photography



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