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February 11, 2015

columbus wedding

Talk about poor planning on my part to have consecutive wedding posts with very similar title images, but what can I say, those sky photos are just cool! Once we got our engagement pictures back it was time to start thinking about Save the Dates.

I actually wavered back and forth on the necessity of these little post cards; if we even needed to spend the time (and money) making a pre-invitation to the invitation. Save the dates seem to be a new phenomenon that have made their way on to all of the bridal planning checklists that make you think you better send these cards out (at least) 6 months before the wedding because simply sending out the invitations 6-8 weeks before the big day is not nearly enough time for people to plan. And actually, 6-8 weeks really may not be enough time for out-of-town guests who need to secure hotel rooms (and possibly flights). Knowing that I was going to get these cards out made me schedule the hotel block, start the registry, and get some other big picture details nailed down earlier than I probably would have if I hadn’t physically printed it out on this card. So looking back on it, sending save the dates was actually a good thing for me.

However, much to Martha’s chagrin, I did NOT get these guys in the mail on May 8th as I had originally planned. I ended up putting them in mail just over 4 months out. Don’t worry. Everything still worked out ok.

Anyway, I kept the save the dates simple making the fun photo of us flying in the air the focus.

columbus wedding save the dates

The back had a few more details and room for an address label. These were simple postcards on standard cardstock, and we had them printed at a local printer with a very quick turnaround.

The other thing that sending out save the dates made us do was make the website. B was especially excited about this portion and I was especially excited to give him full reign over it. The hardest part was deciding what we wanted the URL to be since other Stephanie and Brandon’s got married before us and already claimed the obvious choices.

married in columbus wedding website

We used the website to give all the guests details about the ceremony, hotel block, and all the stuff I didn’t want to print out on the save the date. We also ended up using the site for the RSVP’s which was a way to save a little printing and postage cost since we did not have RSVP cards. But we’ll get to that when we talk about the invites.

What are your thoughts on save the dates? How far in advance do you think you should send them?





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