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Our Wedding | Engagement Photos

February 4, 2015

Because I’m such a sucker for alliteration, Wedding posts will be on Wednesdays. Wedding Wednesdays! It seems to make the most sense to go in chronological order of the whole process, so first up is engagement photos! I guess technically the first post would be the actual engagement, so if you want to get all technical about it, check out the engagement here.

All caught up? Great.

Both B and I were pretty nervous before our photo shoot started. Neither of us are used to having our photo taken and we really didn’t want them to feel staged. Luckily, we picked an awesome photographer who made the process totally not awkward and it was actually a really fun evening walking around, being in love, and exploring the city.

For the first part we walked around our neighborhood with Lucy – obviously the little dog had to be included in part of it!

We stopped back at our house to change and even got a few pics in our space with Lucy on her chair.

Then we headed over to a more overlooked part of Columbus for a more industrial setting.

While we were out on our urban exploration we found a cool abandoned building where we, ahem, let ourselves in to explore a bit. Once inside there was tons of awesome monster graffiti, and who doesn’t love monster graffiti?!

We couldn’t be happier with how they came out! Lessons learned? Don’t worry about it and just be authentic to who you are. I spent way too much worrying about what we were going to wear, where we were going to go, was it going to be awkward, etc. Just have fun with it and enjoy being together.

If you’re in Columbus and looking for a wedding photographer, we seriously can’t say enough good things about Benjamin from Derk’s Works. Definitely check him out!

All photos in this post were, obviously, taken by Derk’s Works Photography

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