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2013 christmas tunes

December 20, 2013

2013 Christmas Mix | stuff steph does

Stories of misfortune and their happy endings this week in chronological order:

Misfortune: A bad man chose my house to sneak into and try and get who knows what.

Fortune: Lucy is the best guard dog EVER and started barking really aggressively as soon as she saw him jump the fence which made me see him before he got to the house and I was able to yell at him to leave. Called the cops, and they found him.

Misfortune: While I was home during lunch to photograph my presents and to “check on things” Lucy barked at something and it startled me because of the former incident and I knocked my camera off the desk, jamming the door to the SD card and battery shut.

Fortune: The camera still works and I was still able to transfer my photos with a USB cord. BONUS: Brandon has accidental coverage on the camera through 2014, so I’ll be able to get it fixed.

Misfortune: A Christmas present that was supposedly delivered to my office last Friday was nowhere to be found. I called FedEx multiple days in a row with no help.

Fortune: Turns out it was delivered in the apartment lobby across the alley from my office. Found it just in time for wrapping!

Misfortune: I left my hard drive with all my photos at work which I had been taking there because of the aforementioned bad man. And my camera battery is completely dead so I couldn’t get the photos off again, leaving me with no photos for today’s post.

Fortune: The listed songs make a fun alternative digital Christmas tree, which I’m obviously totally into this year (proof and proof)

Would you like some of this lemonade I’ve been making with all these lemons? Cheers to this week being almost over and let’s celebrate with some fun Christmas Tunes! Listen to the playlist here and if you want some more, check out 2012’s mix!

I’m signing off for the next week to spend time with family. Have a wonderful holiday, Merry Christmas and happy, happy friday. 🙂

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