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alternative christmas tree (trial and error)

December 10, 2013

geometric christmas tree

Even given my new found surge of holiday giddiness, I was still adamant about not putting up our tree this year. However I did feel like attempting my own sort of “alternative” tree. So Saturday night I went into elf mode and started putting up this geometric tree out of pieces of various green card stock. 

alternative paper christmas tree

I used blue painter’s tape on the back so I didn’t take any paint off  the brick wall. I kind of can’t believe we’ve lived here for nearly 3.5 years and I have completely ignored this wall. It seems like the perfect place to have this cute little tree, right?


alternative christmas tree fail

Turns out tape does not like to stick to cold brick walls. This was about 5 minutes after I finished.

And then five minutes after re-taping the pieces back up

And re-taping again.

geometric tree fail

The whole point of my alternative Christmas tree was for low maintenance. After about an hour of repeatedly adding more tape and resticking these triangles to the wall, I decided this was definitely not the low maintenance tree I was going for.

BUT! I still think this is a fun idea and totally doable if you decide to do it on a more tape-friendly surface or use a more aggressive adhesive. Therefore, I’m not deeming this a complete DIY fail. Just a fail for my cute brick wall.

On the plus side, clean up was quick and simple. Even if it happened a little earlier than anticipated.

Version 2 of my Christmas decorations are still in process, but I’ll be back to share those soon! In the mean time we announced the winner for the Uncommon Goods Giveaway. Congrats to Julie for winning the gift card! Thanks to everyone who entered!

giveaway winner

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