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friday five – DIY wall art

July 12, 2013

art goes here

Hello there blog world.

I know. I just fell off the face of the (ether) earth there for a bit.

But I’m back now!

Well, for today at least, to brainstorm ideas for what goes over the bed in my still-in-progress bedroom makeover.

Here’s five DIY ideas I found that could be fun to try:

wall art diy ideas

1| Washi Tape Art from Whimseybox – How cool could that be to do a big letter per canvas like [S]  [&]  [B] out of that technique?

2| Marimekko inspired wall paper transfer from Curbly – This one is pretty labor intensive, but the outcome is totally awesome

3| 3d Geometric Wall Art from Curbly  – The circles are way fun, what about triangles? squares? ah, the possibilities!

4| Color Block Painting by The New Domestic  – Put some tape on a canvas, color it in, and it will look that awesome? I think I can handle this!

5| DIY wall decoration from Ohoh Blog – Make a cool geometric shape by threading painted dowel rods together.

We’re headed up to my family cottage this weekend, so I guarantee that none of these projects will get done by me this weekend, but they’re still fun to look at! Have you done any DIY wall art? Any suggestions on what to try out?

p.s. here’s some fun pics from last year’s trip…looking forward to snapping some new ones this year!


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