30 before 30 update

July 2, 2013


I made this Thirty things before 30 list on my birthday last October, and I haven’t said much about it since. But don’t worry! Things are happening! I’m very aware of what is on that list, what I still need to do, and what I know now may not happen by October 2014….

But I thought I should give an update on the progress that has been happening with the list because I feel like I’m on a roll with accomplishing some of the things on here right now:

#7 Knit a (Dog) Sweater

knit dog sweater | stuff steph does

So far Lucy is only one lucky enough to don a hand knit garment. The bad news: When I was spring cleaning last month I threw all of her clothes and accessories into the washer and completely forgot that I used wool for the white part of that sweater. It wasn’t pretty…the sweater did not survive.

#11 Redo the Bedroom

bedroom makeover | stuff steph does

Still in progress, but actually happening!  I’m still shopping for a rug

#14 Run a 10k

I’m cheating even talking about this one. But I ran a 5k…it’s close, right? Actually I’m debating signing up for a 10k that’s happening next month. I just have to bite the bullet and do it! If only for this list!

 #16 Run a themed run

I’m also jumping the gun a bit with this one, but I registered for the Color Run happening on July 20! Whoop! Consider this item checked.

#19 Try 30 New “Bloggable” Recipes

strawberries and cream popsicles | stuff steph does

What does this even mean? Blog about food stuff 30 times? I guess that’s what I meant? Well, it’s been happening with a  theme of Greek Yogurt and Strawberries. Don’t count on 30 Greek Yogurt and Strawberry recipes though, I’m sure I’ll move on to something else soon.

#24 Keep Growing and Developing the Blog

Altitude Summit NYC

I don’t fully understand this one, either. It’s so open-ended..I guess as long as I still have a blog come October 2014 this gets crossed off? Well I’m still here! So this one is going strong! Plus I went to Alt NYC, which is all about growing and developing, so that has to count for something.

#26 Go to New York City!

gehry new york city

Donezo! Check! I guess by #26 I finally got the hang of how to make a real check list…Now I just have to get my pictures off my camera so I don’t have to keep posting Instagrams from the trip.

#29 Get a Manicure

I was on such a roll crossing off #24 and #26 while in NYC, that I decided to go for one more. I went and got a manicure on a total whim. B wasn’t in town yet and I had a couple hours to spare, so why not? I didn’t take a picture though and those pretty nails are long gone. So you’ll have to take my word for it. But it actually didn’t take that long and wasn’t terribly expensive…I may be getting another one before next October!


See? On. A. Roll. Let’s hope I can keep this momentum up, maybe I’ll even get that Living Room made over in the fury of crossing things off!



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