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bedroom makeover | the pillows

June 6, 2013

bed pillows | stuff steph does

How fun and happy does that look?! I’m in love with these bed pillows. Such a refreshing change from what I had before. Aside from the fabric change, I think the best part of these new pillows is that I reduced my daily pillow load by nearly 50%. 

I’m totally serious. Every morning I would make the bed and stack not 7, not 8, but nine pillows onto the bed, properly arrange them, and then leave the room for the next 16 hours only to come back and take all nine pillows off the bed so I had somewhere to sleep. Basically I had nine pillows on the bed for Lucy to enjoy, and you know, she already gets an entire bed for the whole day, she doesn’t need nine pillows too. I think five will suffice.

Just to make sure you completely get the point, watch this clip from Along Came Polly. It basically sums up my feelings on superfluous pillows. 2 years ago I was Ben Stiller’s character, and I have been slowly morphing into Jennifer’s.

Of course I didn’t stab any of my pillows, but I think you catch my drift.

Ok. I’ll actually talk about the pillows now.

bedroom makeover fabric | stuff steph does

The fabrics I linked to in my bedroom mood board post is actually what I got for these pillows. I got the three prints at Sew to Speak, a fantastically awesome fabric shoppe here in Columbus, and then I got some navy linen for the back of the Euros at JoAnn. I just used some of the existing pillow forms I had, so I didn’t need to buy any fillers.

The yellow print is on the back of the shams (geometric print). When I initially bought the fabric I thought I was going to show the yellow fabric more, but I ended up changing my mind once it got on the bed. Funny how that happens.

bedroom makeover | stuff steph does

As for the throw pillows, my felted loops pillow is the only one that made the cut. That pillow is probably the most labor intensive thing I’ve blogged about which means it’s sticking around for the long haul.

Oh, and by the way, I got a simple, grey duvet cover, too (Real Simple, in fact). I found it at Bed Bath and Beyond and snatched it up once I got a 20% off coupon in the mail. I love it. It has a subtle linear pattern on it to give it some texture but is still just clean and simple.  However, since it is so plain, I really feel like there needs to be some other color or pattern at the foot of the bed (i.e. Lucy’s Blanket). That black and white thing is still living there for now, which actually looks slightly better with this new stuff.

So now you are up to date with the bedroom makeover! Here’s the updated to-do list:


Still to do:
  • Lucy’s Blanket
  • Replace the rug
  • Fix up my lamp
  • B’s Nightstand
  • Style both nightstands
  • Window Treatments
  • Art above the bed






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  • palak June 6, 2013 at 2:13 pm

    love the pillows, and love along came polly! it’s one of my favorite movies!

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