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greek yogurt cupcakes

May 9, 2013

vanilla greek yogurt cupakes | stuff steph does

So let’s talk about Greek yogurt for a moment.

It’s so “in” right now, you know? I feel like Chobani has created this craze around the thick, high protein dairy treat and has turned so many people into these Greek yogurt believers that will never go back to the other stuff.

I know I won’t.

I was hesitant to try it for a while mainly because it is just more expensive. Especially the name brand stuff. But I finally made the switch after comparing the ingredients and basically saw that we were eating yogurt-flavored chemicals and sweeteners rather than natural ingredients, and decided it was worth the few extra cents.

I swear this post isn’t sponsored by anyone, I’m just really enamored by this stuff right now, and not just Chobani, there’s other great ones out there, too.

So anyway, there’s a picture of a delicious cupcake up there, and I’m just rambling on about yogurt. Time to get to the point, I suppose.

I needed to bring a dessert to a dinner party last weekend and for some reason cupcakes just struck my fancy. And boy I’m sure glad they did, these were some fantastic cupcakes. The secret ingredient? You’ll never guess…

Greek Yogurt.
Yeah, I know, baking with Greek yogurt isn’t really some big secret that I just let you in on. But it’s one ingredient that I have started using more frequently and I can really tell a difference with it. Cakes are more rich and creamy, and you’re adding some extra protein and good stuff to baked goods that you probably wouldn’t otherwise get. I mean, these are still cupcakes, there’s a freaking cup of sugar in these guys, but still, you get some protein and calcium in there, too.

And guess what? The frosting has the magic ingredient in there, too. Tastes great, but don’t try to do anything fancy with it. I imagined this mound of beautifully swirled frosting on top of these cupcakes, and when I tried to do that, I got this soupy mess:


frosting fail | stuff steph does

Even after straining the yogurt overnight to thicken it up! So I ended up putting barely any frosting on these and as a result had a ton of leftover frosting. Not really the worst problem in the world.

Top the lightly frosted cakes with some sliced strawberries, and you’ll be good to go.

strawberry cupcakes | stuff steph does

I used this recipe from Little Bitty Bakes. I followed the cupcake recipe to a tee, only I used softened butter in lieu of Coconut oil since I didn’t have that on hand, opted out of the sprinkles, and doubled the recipe because it’s just that good.

I also doubled the frosting recipe and was heavy handed on the powdered sugar to try and thicken it a bit more. I added a teaspoon of vanilla to mask the powdered sugar taste, and it was a hit with everyone who tried it!

greek yogurt cupcakes with strawberries | stuff steph does

Have you tried baking with Greek yogurt yet? If not, what are you waiting for!?




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