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May 6, 2013

columbus design weeks team cbus:FOTO

Photo from sarahkate79

Last week I shared pictures from our Detroit trip where we explored the city for overlooked wasted spaces. This past weekend B and I along with the rest of the Columbus Design Week[s] crew explored our own city for some overlooked spaces that have potential to be transformed into something else. Are you curious about why we keep seeking out these wasted urban spaces? Keep reading for more information about a project I’ve been up to for the past few months:

columbus overlooked cbus:FOTO

So, what’s up with all this “overlooked” stuff?

All this overlooked searching and photographing is for our Columbus Design Week[s] 2013 project, cbus:FOTO, a photography based project where we ask you–residents, citizens, denizens, fans of Columbus to find whatever is “overlooked” in the city, take a picture of it and tag it with #cbusFOTO so we can find it.

mound street bridge cbus:FOTO

What does FOTO mean?

Friends of the Overlooked. Be an advocate for these spaces. Make people aware of places in this city that have the potential to be something great.

boat launch cbus:FOTO

What happens to the photos after I submit them?

We’re collecting all of your photos and will post them to our website to get your feedback and ideas. What else could this space be? A market? A swing park? New development? What do you want to see these overlooked spaces become? Similar to our Ideabook Opening Exhibition, we’re planning an exhibition during this year’s Design Week[s] (October 2013) to show off  your photos and ideas.

under-the-bridge cbus:FOTO

How do I follow what’s going on with the project?

Check out our website for the most up-to-date information. Also be sure to follow The Center for Architecture and Design on your social media platform of choice (or all of them!)

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Sound like fun? I think so! Start looking for the overlooked!



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