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Adventures in Thrifting

January 22, 2013

adventures in thrifting

The week really did start yesterday for me. I did not get MLK Jr. Day off, and I had intended on having this post up for you bright and early to start the week, but alas, by the time I got up to it on my check list it was 11:15 Sunday night and I still had to fold laundry!

Stupid Laundry.

Anyway, I went thrifting this weekend. Like major thrifting. My super-crafter mother makes and sells mittens from wool sweaters and sport coats and has currently exhausted the Toledo thrift market of such goods initiating the broadening of the thrifting radius down to Central Ohio. After a few hours we came back with a trunk load (totally serious) of sweaters–soon to be made into fabulous woolen mittens a la these, but better/warmer/more awesome.

In the midst of sweater hunting I snagged a few great finds for myself for next to nothing. A disclaimer on the book: I haven’t a clue what it’s about, but the pages have red edges which is cool, and its going to be a part of a DIY in the near future, so be on the lookout. The bag and top are just cute and I couldn’t pass them up.

Have you found any treasures on any recent thrifting adventures?


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