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{lucy loves} Architecture for Dogs

November 16, 2012

Oh man, and I thought the sweater letters were the trifecta combination of all things good. But I think, a mere two days later, I have found something to top it.

Architecture + Dogs + DIY = Architecture for Dogs = Completely Amazing

mvrdv's beagle house - architecture for dogs

//Beagle + MVRDV//

Created by Architects and designers, Architecture for Dogs is a collection of 13 dog houses each designed for a specific breed based on their size, physical characteristics, energy, and demeanor.

Each house is not only exquisitely designed and built, but also includes an accompanying video diagramming how to build the structure and has free blueprints to download so you can actually make your own!

Aterier Bow-Wow's Dachshund House

//Dachshund House + Aterier Bow-Wow//

Kazuyo Sejima - Bichon Frise House

// Bichon Frise + Kazuyo Sejima//

Torafu Architects - Jack Russel Terrier House

//Jack Russell Terrier + Torafu Architects//

Sou Fujimoto - Boston Terrier House

//Pug + Kengo Kuma//

Chihuahua + Reiser + Umemoto

//Chihuahua + Reiser + Umemoto//


Lucy is bummed they didn’t make one for the Cairn Terrier. It makes me want to build her one!

Take a look at all the dog houses on their site and see which one would fit your pup the best!


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