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[color love] October

October 18, 2012

October Colors :: Stuff Steph Does

Have I said yet how much I love October? I do. I absolutely love it.

Not only because its my birthday month, (which is a bonus, but I still think October would take the cake even if I was born another time) but because the weather is perfect; the temperature is finally consistently cooler (unlike September which tricks you into thinking fall is coming with a 65 degree day then BOOM 90 degrees and humid the next day) and its still sunny outside.

Then there’s the COLORS. Absolutely beautiful colors. How can you not want to spend as much time as possible outdoors soaking up  the gorgeous hues of all the trees? The leaves give the world a wonderful bold farewell before everything seems to turn grey for the next 4 months.

Of course this is all based on Ohio autumns, but doesn’t it sound lovely? Half of October has already flown by so make sure to spend some time outside enjoying the beauty of the season before Winter takes over.

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