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June 4, 2012

Happy happy Monday to you! I felt like I was a little light on blogging last week, but don’t you worry, I have a week full of great stuff that deserves to be in the limelight. (that’s a hint, by the way)

How was your first June weekend? Ours was absolutely lovely. Brandon’s parents were in town and we spent Saturday afternoon perusing the fabulous art stands at the Columbus Arts Festival and then got all gussied up for a beautiful wedding at a historic hotel downtown.

The wedding had a photobooth set up, which is always a fun thing.

Brandon’s parents came up from Lewisburg, WV which is only the coolest small town in America (I’m actually serious about that, look here!) They told us about these dueling fiddlers from town that are actually really amazing. So here’s a bit of Lewisburg going out into the blogosphere. Enjoy!

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