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Happy Thursday

December 8, 2011

Today was a good day. Here’s why:

– It was sunny all day. This past week has been pretty gloomy/soggy/rainy. Today was a very welcomed change.

– We are getting a new oven! It’s a bummer the mice took over what was a great gas range…but we should be getting a replacement on Monday!

– I found a place super close to work that sells diet Mt Dew that doesn’t require a minimum purchase to use your card! (I have two “vices,” diet Mt Dew and spearmint Orbit gum…curiously both are green…) I’ve cut down on the stuff since grad school, but sometimes, especially around 2 pm on a Thursday afternoon, I need it.

-I met my parents halfway between Columbus and Toledo to trade off my dog since Brandon and I are going to his sister’s college graduation this weekend and had a very enjoyable dinner.

-Lucy tolerated this cheesy sweater I made for her a few years ago:


(that’s right, my dog has a turtleneck sweater…)

– and finally, tomorrow is Friday!

Hope you all had a good day!

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