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pies for pi day

pies for pi day

I think I’m exposing some of my nerdiness by actually making a post in celebration of Pi Day (3.14), but why wouldn’t you want to celebrate it? You get to eat PIE! In fact at 3:14 today my office is partaking in a massive pie sampling and I’ll give you one guess who planned that event…I think that’s why they put me in charge of the Fun Committee.

Anyway, instead of rounding up the basic apple and cherry pie recipes, I found some alternatives to share; all sound amazing and all still technically fit into the pie category so they are totally fair game for today.

(Starting at top left and going clockwise)

//1. Chocolate Whoopie Pies with Baileys Butter Cream. Whoopie! Pie! Plus there’s Baileys in it, so its good for St. Patty’s, too. From Jo Cooks

//2. Homemade Oatmeal Cream Pies. You can’t go wrong with Little Debbie, and homemade versions are even better. From Cooking Classy

//3. Individual Strawberry Cream Pies in mini mason jars will help curb your pie craving without going overboard. From Damn Delicious

//4. These Mini Pecan Pies (ok, technically they’re tarts, but they look like mini pies) are adorable and look delicious. From Sugary Winzy

//5. What’s Apple Pie without ice cream? Not as good, that’s what. These Baked Apple Pie Ice Cream Bowls look fantastic. from Domestic Fits

If you want to see even more pies (more alternatives and full blown 9 inchers) check out my pinterest board dedicated to the dessert. Which one do you want to try? Happy Pi Day!


{friday five} st patrick’s day diy projects

st patrick's day diy projects

Hints of green, shamrocks, and Guinness have been popping up all over the place this past week. St. Patrick’s day is right around the corner and if you are planning on celebrating, this is your last weekend to get those projects finished up and ready for the big party next weekend!

Might I make five suggestions:

//1. Who would have thought to make a wreath covered in split peas! Not me, but it’s pretty great. via Little Things Bring Smiles

//2. Brittany from The House that Lars Built transformed a gaudy tinsel shamrock into this fabulous mossy door decoration.

//3. Those bars of gold are Rice Krispie Treats. YES! via Sweet Tooth

//4. Drink your Killians in style with these glasses from Sarah Hearts

//5. Milk Glass + Gold Leaf + Shamrock = a great three-step diy from You Stir Me

Inspired? I hope so!

Enjoy your weekends and happy, happy Friday.


Like what you see? Make sure you don’t miss a thing:


{diy or buy} textile baskets

As an avid DIY-er, I often find myself looking at something in a store or at a market and passing on it as I think to myself, “I could totally make that.” Sure, that’s probably true, but do I? 9 times out of 10, no way, Jose! That’s why I’m starting this new series: DIY or BUY, giving you options for making your own or buying new, so you can decide for yourself if you’ll actually make it or just go ahead and buy it. Enjoy!

diy textile baskets


This first edition of DIY or buy was inspired by Vanja Bazdulj’s fantastic felted pots. While I wouldn’t attempt recreating her wonderful artistic sculptures, there are some great tutorials out there for making a more simplified version of a textile bucket:

//1. I love the minimal quality to Between the Lines’ Folded Leather Basket

//2. Masha from Ornamelle made these beautiful fabric buckets. I love the leather handles! Pippijoe Diary has a great tutorial for making fabric buckets similar to this.

//3. These rope baskets are so great.  The photo above is from Childerhouse, but Esther from Wholly Kao has a great tutorial for making these. Love it but don’t want to make it? Snag one of these beauties handmade by my super-talented friend Char from C-M-Y-S Design

textile felt fabric baskets

Not crafty? Want some stylin’ storage without bothering to make it? Here’s some options for you:

//1. Simple felt buckets from Filzkraft on Etsy are modern and functional.

//2. Needed a felt basket for your kindling? Archiproducts has just the thing!

//3. Leave it to West Elm to come up with a fantastic felt storage solution. These Woven Felt Baskets come in 5 different sizes for all your storage needs.

//4. I love the clean and airy feel of these linen Eskayel Baskets from Alder & Co.

There you have it. 7 great storage solutions that you can either make or buy.

So what will it be? DIY or buy?



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{friday five} kate spade saturday


kate spade saturday

Happy Friday! This week’s Friday Five post is crossing into new territory for Stuff Steph Does, but when I saw the Kate Spade Saturday sneak peek sale on this week, I was completely sucked in. The entire line consists of simple black graphics with pops of color, particularly yellow, which is a cheerful welcome in the middle of this cloudy midwest winter.  (Maybe I was channeling this line when choosing the color scheme for M’s tool belt). There are a lot of great products in this line, but here’s five highlights:

1. Colorful Sneaks – I’ll take sneakers to heels any day. Seriously. Not that I’d rock these every day, but I’m loving the bright colors of these shoes.

2. Rectangle Necklace – As I get older I find that my taste in jewelry is simplifying, (obviously not the case with footwear) and I love this simple black necklace.

3. Zig Zag Umbrella – I think the yellow ball at the base of the handle is my favorite part of this rainy day accessory.

4. Tangerine Half Circle Bag – Have you ever seen a bag in this shape? Totally cool. Great color, too.

5. Drinking Glasses – I have a weakness when it comes to glasses. Which might sound weird, but I have to hold myself back when I find a cool set of drinking glasses, including these.

Unfortunately the sale at is over, but the full line will make an appearance in March! Head on over to their website for more info.

I’m not getting paid or perked for saying any of this. I just really liked the products.

Have a great weekend! and happy, happy Friday.




{friday five} valentine cocktails

valentine cocktails

Well Valentine’s Day is just taking over the blog this week! I swear, I think it’s almost completely out of my system. But hey, even if you’re sour toward the holiday, there’s nothing holding you back from indulging in some of these pretty libations this week or anytime of the year!

[1] Design Love Fest’s Single Ladies Love Punch is perfect for a Valentine Brunch.

[2] Make this First Kiss Punch from A Beautiful Mess for a happy hour event

[3] The Jack Rose Cocktail from Smith & Ratliff suggests making your own grenadine from pomegranates…win! (we all know how I feel about pomegranates)

[4] The citrus-y Blood Orange and Bourbon Cocktails from Camille Styles are a perfect winter drink.

[5] A cocktail that doubles as dessert? Yes, please! This Love Potion Float from Grandbaby Cakes sounds amazing!

Which one do you want to make? Or do you have another favorite go-to cocktail?

Enjoy your weekends and happy, happy Friday :)

{friday five} valentine diy projects

Valentine DIY roundup // stuff steph does

Happy Friday! and err, happy February?!  When did that happen? I think 2013 is already moving too fast, and now we’re 1/12 of the way through already. I’m usually not a fan of February, even though it’s the shortest month of the year, day after day of clouds and winter weather make the month drag on for an eternity.

However, since starting this blog I’ve been exceptionally more enthusiastic about this month and especially the holiday that falls right smack dab in the middle of it. I’ve even posted not one, not two, but three Valentine DIY projects and now I’m bringing you a round up 5 more that I find particularly awesome.

[1] You will look TOTES awesome carrying around this hand-printed heart tote bag via Crafts Unleashed

[2] I love this geometric printable wrapping paper from minieco

[3] Make your Valentine a more practical gift this year with this heart headphone cord wrap from Idlewife

[4] Such a cute, simple ring from A Few Good Things

[5] Oleander and Palm made a simple geometric heart that is just divine.

oh, and just in case you’ve missed my Valentine projects here are those links:

That’s all for today! Enjoy this first February weekend and happy, happy Friday :)

2012: Looking Back // Part 2

a year in review :: stuff steph does


Happy Monday and last day of 2012! Time to continue the look back at the past year of stuff I did.  On Friday I recapped the first half of the year and now its time to reminisce about July-December: (more…)

2012: Looking Back // Part 1

a year in review :: stuff steph does


2012 was my first full year of blogging. Looking back on where I was 12 months ago, I never would have imagined the blog would be where it is now. I have loved practically every minute I’ve put toward this little website of mine and look forward to continuing to develop it in 2013.

Here is a look back at top posts from the first half of 2012. Top posts are based on a combination of number of comments, number of pins, and just things I liked. If you’re a newer reader here’s a great recap on the stuff you’ve missed and if you’ve been reading since the beginning (thanks, Mom) then this will be a fun trip down memory lane.  (more…)

{stuff steph loves} Pomegranates

Pomegranates have been on sale at the grocery for the past couple weeks. Every time I go, I linger past them and even read the sign that tells you how easy it is to open up and eat the fruit, but I’ve never actually picked one up and put it in the cart. I always talk myself out of it and end up buying the pomegranate Chobani yogurt instead. I know, not quite the same thing.

Well, like most of my round ups, I went on a pomegranate pinfest and found a few more reasons to buy a pomegranate (and I’m not talking about the yogurt)

pomegranate pear salad

Poppyseed, Pomegranate and Pear Salad via Kitchen Frau


{eat stuff} Thanksgiving Sweet Potatoes

Guys, Thanksgiving is in two weeks. Can you even believe it? That means that full-blown Holiday Season is just around the corner. (Even though I’ve already been catching glimpses of shimmery tinsel and ornaments since before Halloween. I think it shows up a little earlier every year.)

But anyway, that season will be here soon enough, today let’s talk about one of the best dishes found on the Thanksgiving Table.

Sweet Potatoes.

They’re great, right? They’re as sweet as the pies that show up after dinner, but are served with everything else.  Props to the person that figured out how to get a dessert out on the table at the beginning of the meal.

I’m bringing the sweet potatoes to Thanksgiving this year, so here are some options that I think look particularly delish. (more…)



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