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homemade oatmeal cream pies

homemade oatmeal cream pies

Pi day was Friday. So, obviously, pie was consumed.

And luckily, my camera finally came back from the shop (it really wasn’t gone for that long, it just took me a while to actually get it fixed) so I could take pictures of these lovely oatmeal cream pies I made from Sally’s Baking Addiction. They are fantastic; incredibly sweet,  but really good. The only thing I did differently was make the cookies half the size than she called for so I would have more sandwiches to share and less cookie to eat at one time. I baked them for 8 minutes instead of 10 since they were smaller. Otherwise, the recipe is definitely a keeper!

That’s all for today! Happy Wednesday!


strawberry lemonade muffins

Strawberry Lemonade Muffins recipe

Happy Monday! What better way to start out the week than with a delicious muffin recipe?

These muffins are great for two reasons: fresh strawberries and greek yogurt!  I realize now that this is the third recipe in a row I’ve posted that includes these two ingredients (don’t forget about those cupcakes and popsicles!), but can you even blame me? Try them out for yourself! (more…)

strawberries and cream popsicles

strawberries and cream popcicles | stuff steph does

I went strawberry picking with a friend and now I have A TON of strawberries. I think I subconsciously put myself in these situations where I end up with an overwhelming amount of  some ingredient (i.e. Limes and Guinness) and then I have to figure out what to do with it all before it goes bad. Sure I could freeze them but that’s not as fun, right? These ingredient binges usually end up with some sort of disastrous kitchen fail or just a bad decision (Seriously, a lime asparagus pie!? We all know that was a stretch)  (more…)

moroccan chickpea salad

moroccan chickpea salad recipe

Wow. It has been FOREVER since I posted a recipe here. I swear I’ve been eating. And trying some new things. It’s just hard to photograph food when we don’t eat dinner until after 8 and the lighting in my house is just dismal. Fortunately, daylight is sticking around a bit longer these days, and I made this on the weekend, so I had plenty of time for photos and you get to enjoy a new food post! And trust me, you’re gonna enjoy this one.


weekend recap 03.22-03.24

Happy Monday friends! Wow. I did not expect to take an entire week off last week. I kid you not, I seriously had written out ideas for 4 posts the week before that I wanted to do last week. But then last week came around and I got on the computer in the evening, signed into WordPress, stared at the blank screen and I just wasn’t in to it. It felt so forced and unnatural. I had nothing I wanted to say. This repeated a couple times and by Wednesday I said to myself (and probably to B) “I’m just not blogging this week” and then you know what happened?

Absolutely nothing.

Life went on as normal. And now I’m back ready to go and actually excited to be sitting here typing out this silly story to you all.

This past weekend wasn’t too particularly exciting. But I can give a few explanations to the instagrammed highlights above:

  • Look forward to this week’s Petit Elefant DIY post! Its basically all kinds of adorable.
  • B, Lucy and I enjoyed a nice walk Saturday evening when it actually felt seasonably warm. (we currently have a forecast for a ridiculous amount of snow tonight and early this week…umm hello, Spring? We’re ready for your arrival now)
  • Lucy got a haircut. I also got haircut, chopped off 8 inches, but have yet to really take a picture of it. My phone doesn’t have a front camera, so I have to hold my hand in a super awkward position to press the button and have it in a somewhat flattering direction toward my face (i.e. not pointing up my nose) and most of the time it just doesn’t work. On the other hand, Lucy is pretty easy to photograph, so all haircut photos default to her.
  • I made some tasty soup for dinner.  A version of my chicken soup I posted about here, but I added in some red potatoes since I had them on hand.

That’s about it! How were your weekends? Has the warm weather finally arrived for you? or are you still braving the snow and gloomy forecasts?

Enjoy your Monday!

pies for pi day

pies for pi day

I think I’m exposing some of my nerdiness by actually making a post in celebration of Pi Day (3.14), but why wouldn’t you want to celebrate it? You get to eat PIE! In fact at 3:14 today my office is partaking in a massive pie sampling and I’ll give you one guess who planned that event…I think that’s why they put me in charge of the Fun Committee.

Anyway, instead of rounding up the basic apple and cherry pie recipes, I found some alternatives to share; all sound amazing and all still technically fit into the pie category so they are totally fair game for today.

(Starting at top left and going clockwise)

//1. Chocolate Whoopie Pies with Baileys Butter Cream. Whoopie! Pie! Plus there’s Baileys in it, so its good for St. Patty’s, too. From Jo Cooks

//2. Homemade Oatmeal Cream Pies. You can’t go wrong with Little Debbie, and homemade versions are even better. From Cooking Classy

//3. Individual Strawberry Cream Pies in mini mason jars will help curb your pie craving without going overboard. From Damn Delicious

//4. These Mini Pecan Pies (ok, technically they’re tarts, but they look like mini pies) are adorable and look delicious. From Sugary Winzy

//5. What’s Apple Pie without ice cream? Not as good, that’s what. These Baked Apple Pie Ice Cream Bowls look fantastic. from Domestic Fits

If you want to see even more pies (more alternatives and full blown 9 inchers) check out my pinterest board dedicated to the dessert. Which one do you want to try? Happy Pi Day!


{eat stuff} Chicken Soup

Easy Chicken Soup Recipe | Stuff Steph Does

I’ve been making chicken soup a lot lately. Most recently because both B and I welcomed 2013 with colds and celebrated the new year on the couch with a bx of tissues in tow. So naturally chicken soup was a favorable dinner choice this week.


{stuff steph loves} Pomegranates

Pomegranates have been on sale at the grocery for the past couple weeks. Every time I go, I linger past them and even read the sign that tells you how easy it is to open up and eat the fruit, but I’ve never actually picked one up and put it in the cart. I always talk myself out of it and end up buying the pomegranate Chobani yogurt instead. I know, not quite the same thing.

Well, like most of my round ups, I went on a pomegranate pinfest and found a few more reasons to buy a pomegranate (and I’m not talking about the yogurt)

pomegranate pear salad

Poppyseed, Pomegranate and Pear Salad via Kitchen Frau


{eat stuff} Thanksgiving Sweet Potatoes

Guys, Thanksgiving is in two weeks. Can you even believe it? That means that full-blown Holiday Season is just around the corner. (Even though I’ve already been catching glimpses of shimmery tinsel and ornaments since before Halloween. I think it shows up a little earlier every year.)

But anyway, that season will be here soon enough, today let’s talk about one of the best dishes found on the Thanksgiving Table.

Sweet Potatoes.

They’re great, right? They’re as sweet as the pies that show up after dinner, but are served with everything else.  Props to the person that figured out how to get a dessert out on the table at the beginning of the meal.

I’m bringing the sweet potatoes to Thanksgiving this year, so here are some options that I think look particularly delish. (more…)

Spiced Apple Cider

spiced apple cider recipe

All this talk of storms and hurricanes makes me want to stay indoors with cozy blankets and warm drinks. Supposedly the hurricane isn’t supposed to hit Columbus too bad; we’ll just see some strong winds and rainy, 40-degree weather. Although I don’t think there ever is sunny 40-degree weather. If it’s in the 40s, its going to be cloudy and dreary.

Whatever the weather, it’s time to take advantage of the season and drink lots of apple cider!

spiced apple cider recipe - mulling spices

Last year I went on a hunt for mulling spices and couldn’t find them in any local grocery store! I resorted to ordering a monster-sized pack of them on Amazon. I now have gobs of spices for mulling.

Wherever you find your mulling spices, place them in a piece of cheese cloth or infuser and simmer with the cider for 20 minutes.

mulling spiced apple cider recipe


Serve warm (or cold) with apples and caramel. Tasty!

Stay safe this week!


spiced apple cider recipe :: stuff steph does

  • 1/2 gallon apple cider
  • 1 packet mulling spices

Tie mulling spices into cheese cloth and simmer with cider for 20 minutes.

Serve warm.

Refrigerate extra.


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