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how to knit a chunky infinity scarf

(01.25.15 UPDATE) This post has been getting a lot of traffic lately, thanks for stopping by!  This pattern, and all of my patterns assume a basic knowledge of knitting, i.e. you already know how to cast on and off and know basic stitches. Enjoy the pattern!

It’s December! It’s cold! It’s time for scarves and other warm things!

If  you’ve been into any retail store the past month or so I’m sure you’ve seen these chunky knit accessories gracing every display shelf and mannequin. I thought they all looked so warm and cozy and not to mention FUN to make so I decided to make one of my own. Since it’s made out of thick yarn and huge needles this is a quick project that is perfect to work on road trips (or really any time you feel like knitting). Keep reading to see how I did it! (more…)

knit inspiration

knit project inspiration | stuff steph does

The weather has been getting ever-so-slightly cooler the past few days which means my knitting needles are calling my name.  Here’s some fun projects that could be fun to try out this winter season (oh my gosh, did I just say winter?! ugh, I’m not actually ready for that yet)

1 | This isn’t the first time I’ve had knitted poufs on the blog. I should just break down and buy the giant knitting needles and go for it. This one is actually crochet and other colors are available for purchase on etsy

2 | I love this idea for a wood stool! Martha Stewart gives you the step by step on how to make a knitted slip cover for a simple stool. (image source)

3 | I still have yet to knit a sweater (for a human) and this one looks like a good one to try. From the Purl Bee.

4 + 5 | Knit baskets! what else is there to say? (Grey basket source) (Cream basket source)

Do your project cravings change when Fall comes?


30 before 30 update


I made this Thirty things before 30 list on my birthday last October, and I haven’t said much about it since. But don’t worry! Things are happening! I’m very aware of what is on that list, what I still need to do, and what I know now may not happen by October 2014….

But I thought I should give an update on the progress that has been happening with the list because I feel like I’m on a roll with accomplishing some of the things on here right now: (more…)

{midweek refresh} tatyana yanishevsky

tatyana yanishevsky knit tiger lily


April showers bring knit flowers. And bloodshot aphids.

Tatyana Yanishevsky knits and creates these fantastic sculptures out of yarn, steel, resin, and glass.

So good! Keep reading for more beautiful flowers–and that bloodshot insect.



{diy or buy} textile baskets

As an avid DIY-er, I often find myself looking at something in a store or at a market and passing on it as I think to myself, “I could totally make that.” Sure, that’s probably true, but do I? 9 times out of 10, no way, Jose! That’s why I’m starting this new series: DIY or BUY, giving you options for making your own or buying new, so you can decide for yourself if you’ll actually make it or just go ahead and buy it. Enjoy!

diy textile baskets


This first edition of DIY or buy was inspired by Vanja Bazdulj’s fantastic felted pots. While I wouldn’t attempt recreating her wonderful artistic sculptures, there are some great tutorials out there for making a more simplified version of a textile bucket:

//1. I love the minimal quality to Between the Lines’ Folded Leather Basket

//2. Masha from Ornamelle made these beautiful fabric buckets. I love the leather handles! Pippijoe Diary has a great tutorial for making fabric buckets similar to this.

//3. These rope baskets are so great.  The photo above is from Childerhouse, but Esther from Wholly Kao has a great tutorial for making these. Love it but don’t want to make it? Snag one of these beauties handmade by my super-talented friend Char from C-M-Y-S Design

textile felt fabric baskets

Not crafty? Want some stylin’ storage without bothering to make it? Here’s some options for you:

//1. Simple felt buckets from Filzkraft on Etsy are modern and functional.

//2. Needed a felt basket for your kindling? Archiproducts has just the thing!

//3. Leave it to West Elm to come up with a fantastic felt storage solution. These Woven Felt Baskets come in 5 different sizes for all your storage needs.

//4. I love the clean and airy feel of these linen Eskayel Baskets from Alder & Co.

There you have it. 7 great storage solutions that you can either make or buy.

So what will it be? DIY or buy?



Like what you see? Make sure you don’t miss a thing:


newbie knitted headband with Kollabora

newbie knitted headband :: stuff steph does

Ok, so you all know my complete obsession with yarn. I just can’t get enough of it. So imagine my excitement when Kollabora sent me some supplies to make a cute headband for their learn to knit campaign. Unfortunately, there were some mail issues, so I didn’t get the supplies in time, but alas, the yarn finally came and here is my take on the Newbie Knitted Headband. (more…)

valentine dog sweater (free pattern)

knit valentine dog sweater :: stuff steph does

Had enough of Valentine’s stuff yet? I hope not, because I have yet another project  for your favorite furry Valentine. (more…)

knit labels

stuff steph does yarn labels

I had my first “commission knitting” project this summer for these fun little scarflets. I decided to go all out and make some fun labels because, after all, presentation is everything.


another loop pillow

via Sunderland Stitch & Salvage

During a routine Etsy perusal I came across this pillow that is very similar to the oh-so-tedious felted loops pillow I did a couple months ago. This version looks a little more friendly; rather than knitting a super long rope, the loops were made by pulling out yarn from the stitches and using a super soft and bulky yarn. No matter how it was made, I like it! Check out the other cool things in her shop!

Button Scarf (pattern)

purple knit scarf

I made this scarf a while ago, but then I wasn’t sure if I liked the fabric button…

…I’ve decided I do, and it’s blog worthy.

Like all the scarf patterns I’ve put on here, this one is also very simple. It is just a rectangle that is folded over and then buttoned through both layers. Refer to this handy diagram I made for you:

scarf dimensions

I did a seed stitch which is knit one/purl one on the odd rows and purl one / knit one on the evens rows. That way you end up with an alternating pattern that gives it a nice texture. I used size 11 needles.

I got the fabric for the button at Sew To Speak, but if you have any sort of fabric stash, you’ll definitely have enough for covering a button. I must have had large ambitions of making lots of covered buttons with all the fabric I got for the sole purpose of this project.

If you’ve never covered a button before, don’t worry, its super easy.

covering a button

I would suggest getting the buttons with the little teeth around the edges. The buttons without the teeth require another tool to put it together. Make your life simpler, have less tools! You can get the buttons at any fabric or craft store.

button teeth

Then you just cover the fabric over the button, hook it under the teeth all the way around and snap on the bottom piece. Sew on the scarf wherever you like.

see? What’d I tell ya, easy peasy!

**Update 2-21-2014** A surge of traffic from All Free Knitting has taken this post out of the archives and brought back to life! Thanks for visiting! Here’s some information that’s been missing: I used less than one skein of Lion Brand Thick and Quick Yarn. And I did not make a button hole. Since it is a chunky stitch, I just pushed the button through the two layers of the scarf. However if your gauge is really tight, it may be hard to push the button through. Happy Knitting and please let me know if you have any other questions!



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