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{midweek refresh} emily barletta

emily barletta - untitled 30

Well dang, the first post of the week is the mid week post. This tends to happen more often than I plan, but sometimes life just  gets in the way of blogging, you know? I suppose it’s better that way; once blogging gets in the way of life it may be time to do some reevaluating.

Anyway, how cool is Emily Barletta? I stumbled across her work through The Jealous Curator‘s Pinterest Board and no longer had to search for this week’s artsy inspiration post. In case there was any doubt in your mind, take a textile or fiber art medium, mix in a cool pattern and great color and you’ll basically have me swooning over it, and this Brooklyn fiber artist nailed it. (more…)

{mid week refresh} Sweater Letters

What do you get when you mix typography, embroidery, and fair isle sweater patterns?

One happy Steph is what!

I am completely in love with these embroidered sweater letters by Maricor/Maricar. And you know what the kicker is? They are hand embroidered! Mind. Blown.





I’ve been noticing lately that there is a lot of state pride in product and craft design. At least once a week has something that’s state related: graphic tees, baubles, or even wall art all have a little state flare. Since I’ve been a lifelong citizen, I did a round up of state of Ohio items, which was actually harder than it would seem since googling anything with the words “Ohio” and “state” in the same line garners millions upon millions of buckeye-themed results.

Ohio Round Up

  1. Cheese tastes better on an Ohio cheese board. via AHeirloom’s etsy // 2. These Are Things makes tons of letterpressed maps // 3. Miss Make’s awesome Ohio quilt // 4. An Ohio Embroidery Hoop via Blue Leaf Boutique // 5. Poppy and Pinecone has a ton of these fantastic watercolors in every state! // 6. A simple and elegant Ohio Necklace by Red Giraffe Designs // 7. Cool Ohio string art via Curiously Wrought’s Etsy shop

I’ve been itching to do my own Ohio-themed project. Haven’t quite nailed it down yet, but this is some good inspiration to get started!

Applique baby bibs

applique baby bibs

At least once a year my college roommates have a “Roomie Reunion” where we all get together, eat good food, and catch up with everybody and their families. It seems each time we get together there is a new addition to the group. This time there were two new members to the “roomie” group. Both boys, born 3 days apart. They’re almost 6 months old now, but I hadn’t met them yet, and this was my welcome-to-the-roomie-group present for them.

You may remember seeing a snippet of this from my preview post a few weeks ago. This was part of the craft extravaganza weekend. Where I also made the yarn rope for the felted loops pillow, and the baby gift to go with the knit berry hat.

The appliques were done on the head honchos of embroidery machines. If you remember I got my new toy because my mom got a new embroidery machine which bumped her old embroidery machine into her regular sewing machine, which made her regular sewing machine mine! (that’s a pretty good deal…what else could we apply this too?)

I remember I won my iPad around the same time my mom got her new machine. (I won it in a raffle…what a great thing to win, right? The only other thing I ever won in raffles were oversized sponsor sweatshirts, this was definitely a step up) I was visiting shortly after and brought my new gadget with me to show off and when I went down into the craft dream world basement to see my mom’s new toy lo and behold she had a sewing machine with a freaking iPad attached to it.

embroidery machine

Look at that touch screen on that monster! Ok, so it’s not really an iPad, but its as big as one! This thing does everything…it even cuts the threads for you as it moves around. It was definitely fun to play with over the weekend.

We made the appliques out of the same fabric, just different parts of it, so the letters looked different and put them on standard pre-made bibs. Here’s some photo documentation:

embroidery baby bibs

applique scissors

If you’re going to get into applique things, these scissors are where it’s at. They make it so easy to cut close to the stitching.

applique baby bib

sew around b

applique baby bib

I like the fun stitch detail around the E.

applique baby bib

and Voila! two fun bibs for two adorable babies!

knit berry hat baby gift

Remember this?

knit baby berry hat

click here if you don’t remember, want a refresher, or love it so much you just can’t get enough.

Anyway, I always had bigger plans for this little knit hat. I just had to find the time to finish its counterparts! I wasn’t able to go to a baby shower for my good friend from undergrad back in October, but still wanted to get her something for her new baby.  I knitted these hats with her in mind from the get go.

On positive side, being fashionably late with this gift allowed me to wait until I knew the baby’s name. Last weekend my mom and I completed the gift with some more personalized additions. So here is the completed knit berry hat gift:

embroidered baby gift

How adorable is that!? The baby’s name, by the way, is Abigail, so the A’s are more than appropriate.

embroidered baby onesie

My mom has a fancy schmancy embroidery machine (I can talk about that more in a later post) which made the applique pretty easy to do. I basically said “I like that A, this fabric, with this thread” and watched the machine do its magic.

Same for the strawberries:

baby onesie and knit hat

The burp cloth is my mom’s specialty. She gets all the credit for this. Like with the embroidery machine I said, “I like this A and this fabric” and she did her magic. Thanks, Mom!

custom burp cloth

They’re made from cloth diapers. She’s made these before and even has her own label for all of her fun creations.

custom burp cloth

This all makes for one happy, stylish baby!


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