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alternative christmas trees


six alternative christmas tree ideas

It’s decided. There will be no tree up at our house this year.

It’s not so much getting everything out and put up, it’s putting it away that I don’t feel like dealing with this year. Especially when we’ll be out of town for the actual holiday and barely home over the next two weeks to even enjoy it. So this year, I’m searching for a festive tree that’s fun to put up and comes with a super fast tear down. So here are some fun Christmas tree alternatives to bring some festiveness to your house with a much simpler clean up plan. (more…)

how to knit a chunky infinity scarf

(01.25.15 UPDATE) This post has been getting a lot of traffic lately, thanks for stopping by!  This pattern, and all of my patterns assume a basic knowledge of knitting, i.e. you already know how to cast on and off and know basic stitches. Enjoy the pattern!

It’s December! It’s cold! It’s time for scarves and other warm things!

If  you’ve been into any retail store the past month or so I’m sure you’ve seen these chunky knit accessories gracing every display shelf and mannequin. I thought they all looked so warm and cozy and not to mention FUN to make so I decided to make one of my own. Since it’s made out of thick yarn and huge needles this is a quick project that is perfect to work on road trips (or really any time you feel like knitting). Keep reading to see how I did it! (more…)

geometric earrings diy

diy geometric earrings

Well, aren’t these just adorable? I made some earrings this weekend for the latest and greatest Petit Elefant post. Yes, they are a variation of my thumbtacks I made a few weeks ago, but I’m totally loving the bright colors of this version.  These colors photograph so much better! Head on over for the full tutorial to see how to make them yourself!  (more…)

geometric thumb tacks


diy geometric thumb tacks | stuff steph does

Hello there! Talk about a week not going how I planned it! I woke up on Monday keeled-over-can’t-move-can’t-eat sick and now I’ve just been playing catch up for the rest of the week.  But alas, blogging and crafting must go on.

I finally hopped on the geometric bandwagon last weekend and have these fun and easy geo thumbtacks to share with you today.


{friday five} paper flowers


Geez, it’s Friday already. I swear it should only be Wednesday. Oh, and by the way, its APRIL. When did this happen?! I’ve been busy with work and getting the second annual Columbus Design Weeks website set up, and in the meantime weeks flew by and months changed. shoot. Don’t worry, I’ll be sharing it on here soon, we’re still getting a few kinks worked out and then we’ll be full-blown ready to share the awesomeness with everyone!

In the meantime, it’s freaking April! Spring should be is officially here and I’ve had flowers and other pretty things on the brain. Thing is, my daffs are just starting to get buds, so I have a little bit of time before fresh-cut full blooms are right outside my door. (Who am I kidding, I think I have four daffodils in that little plot of sand-dirt outside; I’m going to have to go to the florist for any sort of real bouquet.) So why not  indulge in some paper flowers? They’ll never wilt, you don’t have to water them, and you can make them in any weather! Plus they are gorgeous! Here are a few of my faves:

| 1 – flowers for a birthday party via Elisabeth Heier  | 2 – crepe paper flower garland via honestlyYUM  |  3- Pink paper peonies from Jessica Burns  | 4 – Paper flowers from West Elm  |  5 – Origami Cherry Blossoms from Paper Mojo |

So great, right?

What’s everyone up to this weekend? I have yet to figure it out since I’m just now realizing it’s already here! Whatever you are up to, enjoy it and happy, happy Friday.


{midweek refresh} emily barletta

emily barletta - untitled 30

Well dang, the first post of the week is the mid week post. This tends to happen more often than I plan, but sometimes life just  gets in the way of blogging, you know? I suppose it’s better that way; once blogging gets in the way of life it may be time to do some reevaluating.

Anyway, how cool is Emily Barletta? I stumbled across her work through The Jealous Curator‘s Pinterest Board and no longer had to search for this week’s artsy inspiration post. In case there was any doubt in your mind, take a textile or fiber art medium, mix in a cool pattern and great color and you’ll basically have me swooning over it, and this Brooklyn fiber artist nailed it. (more…)

{friday five} st patrick’s day diy projects

st patrick's day diy projects

Hints of green, shamrocks, and Guinness have been popping up all over the place this past week. St. Patrick’s day is right around the corner and if you are planning on celebrating, this is your last weekend to get those projects finished up and ready for the big party next weekend!

Might I make five suggestions:

//1. Who would have thought to make a wreath covered in split peas! Not me, but it’s pretty great. via Little Things Bring Smiles

//2. Brittany from The House that Lars Built transformed a gaudy tinsel shamrock into this fabulous mossy door decoration.

//3. Those bars of gold are Rice Krispie Treats. YES! via Sweet Tooth

//4. Drink your Killians in style with these glasses from Sarah Hearts

//5. Milk Glass + Gold Leaf + Shamrock = a great three-step diy from You Stir Me

Inspired? I hope so!

Enjoy your weekends and happy, happy Friday.


Like what you see? Make sure you don’t miss a thing:


make a toy tool belt

how to make a toy tool belt

Alright, full disclaimer right off the bat.  I don’t have a pattern or a super-detailed step-by-step for this, but I made a tool belt for my nephew’s third birthday and thought it (and he!) were too cute not to share.  (more…)

newbie knitted headband with Kollabora

newbie knitted headband :: stuff steph does

Ok, so you all know my complete obsession with yarn. I just can’t get enough of it. So imagine my excitement when Kollabora sent me some supplies to make a cute headband for their learn to knit campaign. Unfortunately, there were some mail issues, so I didn’t get the supplies in time, but alas, the yarn finally came and here is my take on the Newbie Knitted Headband. (more…)

{make stuff} ornament branch centerpiece

Ornament branch diy :: stuff steph does

Guys, Christmas is 4 days away! Did you get all your shopping finished up? I wrapped the last present yesterday, and B and I are ready for a week off work to visit family and friends.

In case you need a last minute idea for a centerpiece or there is a dark corner in your house that is begging for some holiday festivity, here is a quick and easy project you can do in an hour this weekend just in time for Christmas next week.



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