house renovation – 1st floor before

The first floor! After posting the second floor, I feel much less weird about posting these spaces. Mostly because these are the spaces that so many people have already seen anyway. The first floor is pretty simple in terms of layout: Living room, kitchen, and laundry/half bath, but it’s definitely not as open as it could be. But we’ll get to that soon enough, first let’s check out the floor plan before: (more…)

house renovation – 2nd floor before

Happy Monday! I finally had some time to work on this blog and catch you up on our big renovation project. I suppose before getting into where this whole renovation is going we need to fill you in on what the house was. Because aside from a few photos of the living room and bedroom, there has never been an official house tour. So get cozy and ready for the somewhat embarrassing, but oh-so-necessary, official “before” tour. I didn’t make a huge effort to “stage” the house to make look better than it really does. Actually, I didn’t do anything other than close the closet doors. I’m showing you every day “standard house” so you can see how it really looked to us and how it’s really going to change. We’re starting with the second floor because I think everyone is always more interested in seeing the kitchen and those parts of a house, so I’m holding out and building a bit of suspension before showing everything. (more…)

house update

I know. I say that we bought our house and we’re going to renovate and it’s all exciting yadda yadda yadda, and then I go silent for 2 weeks. We’ve been working on getting the house ready for demolition, but there’s been quite a bit of prep work to get to that point. Allow me to give you an update so you can see what we’ve been up to these past couple weeks: (more…)

we bought our house!


Yes! It’s true! We bought our house from our landlord. It’s actually something that’s been in the works for nearly a whole year, and finally last Friday we signed a heck of a lot of papers and came back to our house as homeowners. Which made for a really anti-climatic experience. Typically first time home buyers can’t wait to get the keys and finally head over to an empty house just waiting for the new owners to come in. After we got another our set of keys, we came home, opened up the fridge, heated up some leftovers and sat back on the same old couch we’ve sat on for the past four years. So how did this all happen? Let me start at the beginning… (more…)

DIY simple knit hat

knit hat in the round

The frigid cold temperatures made a late arrival into Columbus this past week. I was beginning to think we were going to go without the sub zero temps this year, but then last week happened.  And as those frigid winds ripped through my current hat and nearly froze my ears, I quickly learned that my cold-weather hat was a bit inadequate for this sort of climate. Immediate action needed to be taken and that meant knitting up a warmer hat. (more…)

sewing bug

I’ve been thinking about sewing clothes a lot lately. Keyword: thinking. While I still have yet to dive in and commit to a project it’s been fun looking at all the the great patterns out there and dreaming about a whole handmade wardrobe. Here are my current top picks: (more…)

Our wedding | Invitations

Slowly but surely we’re getting closer to the actual wedding day on these Wedding Wednesday posts! Initially I had big plans for these wedding invitations which included everything from letterpress to hand dip dying every. single. sheet. Budget and time, respectively, got the best of me on those ideas. I knew I wanted to make the invitations myself, but I also knew I did not want to spend a fortune or spend tons of time working on every detail.  (more…)

Our Wedding | Save the Dates + Website

columbus wedding

Talk about poor planning on my part to have consecutive wedding posts with very similar title images, but what can I say, those sky photos are just cool! Once we got our engagement pictures back it was time to start thinking about Save the Dates. (more…)

Our Wedding | Engagement Photos

Because I’m such a sucker for alliteration, Wedding posts will be on Wednesdays. Wedding Wednesdays! It seems to make the most sense to go in chronological order of the whole process, so first up is engagement photos! I guess technically the first post would be the actual engagement, so if you want to get all technical about it, check out the engagement here. (more…)

monday musings | 013

Happy Groundhog Day! I can never remember if we want the little guy to see his shadow or not. Regardless, I’m expecting 6 more weeks of winter, but if we could keep having sunny winter days like we had on Saturday I would be a-ok with that. Lucy agrees. She made sure to spend as much time in sunbeams as possible. Sunday was not quite as desirable but at least Columbus has still managed to dodge massive amounts of snow so far this season. Anyway, enough weather talk, here are other fun/interesting things to share:

\\Ikea comes out with their new kitchen line today!

\\I’ve been watching this mini-series from Norway where they send 3 fashion bloggers to Cambodia to see where so many of our clothes really come from. Fast fashion definitely comes at a price.

\\I can’t wait for the day when we get to replace our old sofa, Emily Henderson gives lots of options for reasonably priced replacements

\\I made these sugar cookies last weekend and B and I ate them wayyy too fast because they were just that good. So, I made them again this weekend. I brought some into work and froze a bunch to keep us from eating so many cookies quite so fast again. But they’re still really good. If you’re in the mood for making sugar cookies, these are the ones to try. Don’t worry if you don’t have buttermilk, I just put a teaspoon of vinegar in a measuring cup then filled it up to 1/3 cup with regular milk as a substitute. Now you have no excuse not to make them.

That’s all I have for today! Wedding posts are starting up this week, so get excited for that!



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