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kitchen renovation | before & after

March 22, 2016

kitchen renovation | stuff steph does

Well folks, this is it! The final room of our renovation. The kitchen is by far the biggest transformation and also the most used space of the house. I easily spend more time in this room than any other in the house (while I’m awake, that is). If you missed any of the other reveals you can check them out here:

|   Main Bathroom   |   Home Office   |   Master Bedroom   |   Powder Room   |   Living Room   |

Now that everyone is all caught up – on with the final reveal! Continue Reading…

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Living Room Renovation | Before & After

March 16, 2016

living room renovation

Howdy! Ready for another reveal? Going into this renovation I didn’t think the living room was going to be that big of a change. We were going to laminate the ceilings, paint everything, and spiff it up with some updated furniture, otherwise it was just the same ol’ room.

ha! I laugh at my simplistic thoughts of last year, because this room has definitely undergone a transformation. Should I remind you of what it used to look like?  Continue Reading…

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Home office renovation | before & after

February 24, 2016


Oh, the old office. It was the catch-all room for everything that had no better place to go. And our, um, “open shelf” storage concept had some room for improvement to say the least. We bought those tables and file cabinets from the Ohio State University surplus store in 2010 for $45. We ended up selling the file cabinets for what we paid for them 6 years earlier, so that actually wasn’t that bad of an investment. And those chairs! They fell apart every time we sat in them. Why did we live with it for so long?? Continue Reading…