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inspiration | Tiled kitchen walls

It’s Friday!

Now that all the rough stuff is wrapped up, finishes will begin and that means figuring out all the little details that will really make the house look complete. I’ve been noodling on tile elevations this week for both the bathroom and kitchen walls, and while the bathroom was pretty straightforward the kitchen has more stuff that needs to get figured out. Here’s a reminder: (more…)

2013 christmas tunes

2013 Christmas Mix | stuff steph does

Stories of misfortune and their happy endings this week in chronological order:

Misfortune: A bad man chose my house to sneak into and try and get who knows what.

Fortune: Lucy is the best guard dog EVER and started barking really aggressively as soon as she saw him jump the fence which made me see him before he got to the house and I was able to yell at him to leave. Called the cops, and they found him.

Misfortune: While I was home during lunch to photograph my presents and to “check on things” Lucy barked at something and it startled me because of the former incident and I knocked my camera off the desk, jamming the door to the SD card and battery shut.

Fortune: The camera still works and I was still able to transfer my photos with a USB cord. BONUS: Brandon has accidental coverage on the camera through 2014, so I’ll be able to get it fixed.

Misfortune: A Christmas present that was supposedly delivered to my office last Friday was nowhere to be found. I called FedEx multiple days in a row with no help.

Fortune: Turns out it was delivered in the apartment lobby across the alley from my office. Found it just in time for wrapping!

Misfortune: I left my hard drive with all my photos at work which I had been taking there because of the aforementioned bad man. And my camera battery is completely dead so I couldn’t get the photos off again, leaving me with no photos for today’s post.

Fortune: The listed songs make a fun alternative digital Christmas tree, which I’m obviously totally into this year (proof and proof)

Would you like some of this lemonade I’ve been making with all these lemons? Cheers to this week being almost over and let’s celebrate with some fun Christmas Tunes! Listen to the playlist here and if you want some more, check out 2012′s mix!

I’m signing off for the next week to spend time with family. Have a wonderful holiday, Merry Christmas and happy, happy friday. :)

holiday card fun

Minted Holiday cards

I know it’s rare to see a weekend post around these parts, but this week has been so busy with holiday parties that this was the first chance I got to tell you about Minted’s holiday cards. If you haven’t already sent cards out this year I highly suggest checking out their site and playing around with their card preview tool that lets you see your photo on hundreds of cards to help you decide which card is right for you! There’s definitely still time to get cards ordered and sent out to friends and family by the new year.

I had a lot of fun making some cards with pictures of B and I from the night we got engaged. Here are some of my favorites: (more…)

alternative christmas trees


six alternative christmas tree ideas

It’s decided. There will be no tree up at our house this year.

It’s not so much getting everything out and put up, it’s putting it away that I don’t feel like dealing with this year. Especially when we’ll be out of town for the actual holiday and barely home over the next two weeks to even enjoy it. So this year, I’m searching for a festive tree that’s fun to put up and comes with a super fast tear down. So here are some fun Christmas tree alternatives to bring some festiveness to your house with a much simpler clean up plan. (more…)

diy ideas – no carve pumpkins

no carve pumpkin ideas

Carving pumpkins as kid was so much fun. Getting to stick your hands in the pumpkin goop, picking out pumpkin seeds, and deciding if you wanted your pumpkin face to be happy or scary (I consistently picked happy year after year) was one of the best things about October. Now, the quintessential fall activity has lost its allure for me. But painting a pumpkin gold and putting some sparkle on it?! Fantastic. Here are my favorite no-carve pumpkin ideas to try out this year:

(From top left) Make a confetti pumpkin using push pins. Such a simple idea from A Subtle Revelry  ||  The Small Shop blog did a more edgy variation with pops of gold. || Why not draw your design on with a paint pen like Chelsea from Lovely Indeed did. || I love the placement of  of the sequins on this gold painted pumpkin by Sarah from Lacquer and Linen || How amazing is this gold ombre pumpkin!? Anna from In Honor of Design nailed it.

Want some more ideas? Apparently I had the same aversion to carving pumpkins last year, too, because I did another round up of painted pumpkins almost exactly one year ago.

Inspired yet? Or do you prefer to go the more traditional jack o’ lantern route?


knit inspiration

knit project inspiration | stuff steph does

The weather has been getting ever-so-slightly cooler the past few days which means my knitting needles are calling my name.  Here’s some fun projects that could be fun to try out this winter season (oh my gosh, did I just say winter?! ugh, I’m not actually ready for that yet)

1 | This isn’t the first time I’ve had knitted poufs on the blog. I should just break down and buy the giant knitting needles and go for it. This one is actually crochet and other colors are available for purchase on etsy

2 | I love this idea for a wood stool! Martha Stewart gives you the step by step on how to make a knitted slip cover for a simple stool. (image source)

3 | I still have yet to knit a sweater (for a human) and this one looks like a good one to try. From the Purl Bee.

4 + 5 | Knit baskets! what else is there to say? (Grey basket source) (Cream basket source)

Do your project cravings change when Fall comes?


mid century modern | broyhill brasilia

broyhill brasilia furniture


Well, folks, I’m managing a post a week these days. I’m also managing more vintage furniture lusting shopping. This past trip I came across some Broyhill Brasilia pieces and deemed the furniture line worthy enough of its own post to the likeness of Paul’s post from a couple weeks ago. Which, by the way, I went and checked up on my table and chairs, and it’s still there…waiting to be purchased and just be AWESOME in someone’s (read: my) kitchen.

But anyway, I found yet another awesome vintage store in Columbus ridiculously close to all the others, and it had a Broyhill Brasilia dining set and sideboard. I was instantly drawn to it. I love the dark wood and that bold graphic of the curves that the entire collection weaves into every piece. (more…)

mid century modern | paul mccobb



I finally had a free Saturday afternoon this weekend and decided to spend it checking out a few of the many vintage stores Columbus has to offer. And before you start getting too excited, I didn’t buy anything. I felt like coming back with a substantial piece of furniture would have been too impulsive of a purchase, but if my sensibilities hadn’t got the best of me, I would have come home with a beautiful Paul McCobb Table and Chairs. It was gorgeous: loved the color of the wood, included leaves so it could be small to fit in our tiny kitchen, but could get bigger if we needed it to… (more…)

MoMA summer sale

Museum stores are totally awesome. I’ve even just gone into the store when I don’t have that much time to go into the museum to see all the unique and cool things they have for sale. It’s a great place to find cool books, fun toys, and even cool unique housewares. Unfortunately that high-design look can come with a high price tag. Fortunately, its the “end of summer sale season” (whew, say that 5 times fast) which means places are marking some serious discounts on their stuff, including the Museum of Modern Art’s Store.

Some of these things are still a bit on the pricey side, but here’s my top picks from MoMA’s sale:

MoMA summer sale


friday five – DIY wall art

art goes here

Hello there blog world.

I know. I just fell off the face of the (ether) earth there for a bit.

But I’m back now!

Well, for today at least, to brainstorm ideas for what goes over the bed in my still-in-progress bedroom makeover. (more…)


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