Hi, I’m Steph. Thanks for stopping by!

For as long as I can remember I’ve been making things: whether I was casting on knitting needles with my gram, hammering, sanding, or gluing at the workbench with my dad or sewing with my mom, I’ve been making and designing and I come by it honestly.

I studied architecture in school, and now work in an architecture firm by day and make, stitch, cook, and whatever else I can think of by night.  I share it all here, and whatever other “stuff” I’m up to, trying out, or completely in love with.

I live with my best friend and partner in-just-about-everything, Brandon (usually  known as “B” here). He’s a designer, too and is also amazing at everything web related. He keeps things running smooth over here when I act like I know what I’m doing when I try to code and my site disappears.

(Yep, that’s happened, and yep, he fixed it.)

Lucy is the star of the show in our house and spends her days finding the sunniest, most comfy spots to nap and nights helping me with my adventures in making.

We all live in Columbus, Ohio. We like it. It’s a pretty amazing city. (Here is some proof)




Hi! I'm Steph!

Welcome to my blog of making, tasting, and other stuff that inspires me. Hope you enjoy!

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