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make a toy tool belt

how to make a toy tool belt

Alright, full disclaimer right off the bat.  I don’t have a pattern or a super-detailed step-by-step for this, but I made a tool belt for my nephew’s third birthday and thought it (and he!) were too cute not to share. 

materials to make a toy tool belt

Since I did not have a pattern and was making it all up as I went, I ended up overbuying on the grey duck cloth material. Although I bought 3/4 yard, I really only needed about a quarter.

You see, in my head I was going to make a full-sized tool belt with lots of pockets hanging from it. But then I realized that M is not a full-sized person. In fact, a three-year-old’s hip measurement is tiny! The two pockets I made basically went around his whole body.

I bought a full yard of the nylon webbing and used the whole piece. By the time you sew on the buckle and turn down the opposite end you’re left with around 33-34.”  There was still a good 6-8″ hanging down once M put the belt on, but that just means there’s plenty of growing room.

how to make a toy tool belt

My biggest tip for this project: get your tools before making any pockets. You’ll want to make sure they fit!

I made each pocket by laying out the tools to get the right width, sewing on the pocket and then top stitching the dividers for the different tools. I made two loops for the pliers and hammer and sewed those on as well.

how to make a toy tool belt

I thought the metal snaps were a fun, rugged-looking detail for a tool belt, but you don’t have to use those. Simply sewing the flap over the webbing or slapping on some Velcro would work out fine.

Based on these next few photos, I’d say the tool belt (and the tools) were a huge hit. Right away, M knew what to do with all his new tools!

how to make a toy tool belt

Hopefully this inspires you to make something for the budding tool man (or woman) in your life!



2 Responses to make a toy tool belt

  • em
    February 23, 2013

    M loves his tool belt! He has the greatest aunt :)

  • Brett
    February 28, 2013

    I love this idea for my son, who will be 3 this April! I am going to try this, but was wondering where you got the small tools?
    Thank you so much for sharing!

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