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valentine bow tie dog collar

diy valentine bow ties // stuff steph does


Bow ties sure are trendy right now. And Lucy is one dog that makes sure to keep up with the trends, especially around Valentine’s Day. Last year she donned a heart sweater that I think may be even more in style this year than it was last year. If you want your dog to be trendy keep on reading for this easy bow tie collar tutorial. (more…)

Valentine Sequin Candles

valentine sequin candles diy // stuff steph does

Whether or not you celebrate Valentine’s Day, you should seriously consider making these candles. They are sparkly, adorable, and so simple to make. I’ve been seeing heart things adorned to sweater sleeves, pillows, even (ahem) hand warmers. So why not put them on candles too?


Adventures in Thrifting

adventures in thrifting

The week really did start yesterday for me. I did not get MLK Jr. Day off, and I had intended on having this post up for you bright and early to start the week, but alas, by the time I got up to it on my check list it was 11:15 Sunday night and I still had to fold laundry!

Stupid Laundry.

Anyway, I went thrifting this weekend. Like major thrifting. My super-crafter mother makes and sells mittens from wool sweaters and sport coats and has currently exhausted the Toledo thrift market of such goods initiating the broadening of the thrifting radius down to Central Ohio. After a few hours we came back with a trunk load (totally serious) of sweaters–soon to be made into fabulous woolen mittens a la these, but better/warmer/more awesome.

In the midst of sweater hunting I snagged a few great finds for myself for next to nothing. A disclaimer on the book: I haven’t a clue what it’s about, but the pages have red edges which is cool, and its going to be a part of a DIY in the near future, so be on the lookout. The bag and top are just cute and I couldn’t pass them up.

Have you found any treasures on any recent thrifting adventures?


{make stuff} DIY Valentine Hand Warmers

DIY Valentine Hand Wamers

B and I keep the house pretty cold. OK, really cold. The house is old and the walls are probably hollow, so that means that we either fork out a ton for a heating bill, or stay covered in sweaters and blankets during the winter months. We choose the latter, but that means cold hands. If you (or your Valentine) suffer from cold hands this winter, head on over to Petit Elefant where I show you how to make some adorable hand wamers! click here for the full tutorial.

{see stuff} Pantone Tarts



How amazing are these Pantone Tarts?! Created and styled by Emilie Guelpa, art director for the French food magazine, Fricotethese delicious tarts are the perfect match to their Pantone Counterpart!


{see stuff} LeeLABStudio Concrete Clocks

After seeing these clocks by LeeLABStudio on yesterday I intended on doing a whole clock round up, but I kept finding myself going back to gawk over these parametrically-designed concrete beauties and decided they deserved their own post.


{midweek refresh} The ABC of Architects

So my first post this week is in the middle of the week–a result of being busier than expected and committing to one of my Blogging Resolutions of  blogging for blogging’s sake. But that doesn’t mean we still can’t take a break from the week to watch something cool!

B found this great animation showcasing a different architect for each letter in the alphabet. Not only does it highlight some great architecture (I love that Olbrich’s Secession Building made the cut), but the the graphic and animation style is amazing. Check it out and have a wonderful Wednesday!

The ABC of Architects from fedelpeye on Vimeo.



{make stuff} Upcycled Sweater Boot Cuffs

upcycled sweater boot cuffs

My first diy of 2013 is over on Petit Elefant this week, and of course I used my favorite material: old sweaters! Head on over for the full tutorial.

Enjoy your weekends and have a happy, happy friday.

{eat stuff} Chicken Soup

Easy Chicken Soup Recipe | Stuff Steph Does

I’ve been making chicken soup a lot lately. Most recently because both B and I welcomed 2013 with colds and celebrated the new year on the couch with a bx of tissues in tow. So naturally chicken soup was a favorable dinner choice this week.




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