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[mid week refresh] dogs in cars

September 19, 2012

emmanuelle walker

The good news: I’m alive! (in case you were curious about my absence from the past couple days)

The not-so-good news: It seems that everything I am involved in is all happening right now, (mainly this), which means that something has to give and unfortunately it has to be the blog for the next couple weeks. I’m not taking a complete hiatus, but unless I miraculously figure out how to add 4 hours to every day, posts are going to be a little more sporadic for the next couple weeks.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not planning /scheming / producing great content for next month! Get excited for October…it’s only the best month of the whole year! (and that’s a fact, by the way)

In the meantime, check out these fun dogs in cars illustrations by Emmanuelle Walker for your mid week refresh. Check out his site for even more great stuff!  emmanuellewalkerdogcar01



Thanks, G, for showing me this

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