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blog awards

I don’t normally post on Sunday, but I’ve received two more blog awards recently, and I wanted to give a big thank you and shout out to the blogs who who nominated me.


BtweenBlinks gave me the One Lovely Blog Award and Thea Morris of Organized Living Essentials gave me the Illuminating Blogger Award. I honestly hadn’t checked out either of these blogs until they informed me of the awards, but both are definitely worth checking out!

I haven’t found too many new blogs since my link list from the Versatile Blogging Award / Leibster Award post, so if you’re jonesin’ for some more good reads, head over there and check out those links!

Enjoy the rest of your evening and I’ll be back soon with my typical Monday Musings!

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Hi! I'm Steph. I do stuff, and I blog about it. Mostly crafty and tasty stuff, but you never know what my next project will be.

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