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music monday: going Irish

February 6, 2012

What a great weekend spent with friends and tying up loose ends on projects. You’ll be hearing about all of that in upcoming posts this week, but not until we do music monday first!

I think Brandon and I are one of the few people left in the universe who do not have a netflix account. We still get in the car and drive the local video rental store, which, by the way, is getting further and further away. There were two in our neighborhood within walking distance when we first moved here which have since both closed. Now we drive a good 20 minutes to get a movie, and every time we get there we stroll up and down the rows trying to decide which one to get.

Long story short, we’ve realized that there are a ton of older (older meaning 80s-early 2000s) movies out there that we haven’t seen, so we’re starting to watch movies that we’ve heard people say over and over again how good they are and we could never join in on the conversation.  This week we watched The Boondock Saints. I guess I’ve just been feeling Irish with all this Guinness I’ve been trying cooking with.  Although we had never seen the movie, we both already knew the theme song…so that’s the music for this week; I’ll be back soon with more finished projects and tasty treats!

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