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hello? blog world? are you out there?

Boy, it’s been a long, long while since I’ve been around here. 2014 was one of the busiest years of my life, and as things are (finally) winding down I’m really excited to brush the dust off this little piece of internets and breathe some new life into the blog! Can you not see the enthusiasm??

Hopefully people are still out there to read it. I do have fun things to talk about after all this time away, I promise!

More on where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing soon. Stay tuned!

I made a quilt!

See that up there? That’d be a quilt up there. Check that off the thirty before thirty list!

Actually, while we’re at it, let’s go ahead and double check it off. Because if you’re making one quilt, why not make two? (more…)

homemade oatmeal cream pies

homemade oatmeal cream pies

Pi day was Friday. So, obviously, pie was consumed.

And luckily, my camera finally came back from the shop (it really wasn’t gone for that long, it just took me a while to actually get it fixed) so I could take pictures of these lovely oatmeal cream pies I made from Sally’s Baking Addiction. They are fantastic; incredibly sweet,  but really good. The only thing I did differently was make the cookies half the size than she called for so I would have more sandwiches to share and less cookie to eat at one time. I baked them for 8 minutes instead of 10 since they were smaller. Otherwise, the recipe is definitely a keeper!

That’s all for today! Happy Wednesday!


checking in

image via DesignLoveFest

Man oh man. Has it seriously been almost 2 months since I’ve been around these parts? I can’t believe it. Is it seriously MARCH this weekend?? Gah.

People have been asking where I’ve been or why I haven’t been blogging lately, and when I saw that pretty little quote up there it totally hit home. I know I can do almost anything I set my mind to, I just can’t do everything all at once, and unfortunately this little piece cyber space has been set on the back burner while I’ve been working on other things.

So what have I been doing? I’ve been studying. And studying. And studying. I’ve made it a goal this year to take all of my registration exams to become a licensed architect and that means I have 7 tests to take this year. Well, hopefully I’m down to five now; I took test #2 today…fingers crossed its a pass! But all this studying has meant not so much making and blogging. (Unless you want me to blog about trusses and Seismic loads, because that’s all I’ve thought about for the past month, but I’ll spare you the excitement)

But that’s really what I’ve been up to for the past couple months. I hope to give the blog a little more love and take some time to share some fun stuff on here soon because I really do love tending to this little space. But until then, I’ll be studying.

How has 2014 been for you all so far?  Is it moving as fast for you?

goodbye 2013, hello 2014!

2013 holidays

And just like that, the holidays (and 2013!) are over and it’s time for normal life again. From wooden trainsets to a spa day to exploring in caves, I have to say B and I had a great time these past two weeks and are so lucky to have such wonderful family and friends.

There’s so much to look forward to in 2014. I can’t dive into all our plans for this year, but I really see this year bringing some big (but awesome!) changes and I couldn’t be more excited. My deadline for my 30 before 30 list is coming up this year, which means I better get busy working on checking off some more items! Aaand we’re getting married this year, so that’s pretty awesome, too!

Cheers to 2014!

What are you most looking forward to this year?


2013 christmas tunes

2013 Christmas Mix | stuff steph does

Stories of misfortune and their happy endings this week in chronological order:

Misfortune: A bad man chose my house to sneak into and try and get who knows what.

Fortune: Lucy is the best guard dog EVER and started barking really aggressively as soon as she saw him jump the fence which made me see him before he got to the house and I was able to yell at him to leave. Called the cops, and they found him.

Misfortune: While I was home during lunch to photograph my presents and to “check on things” Lucy barked at something and it startled me because of the former incident and I knocked my camera off the desk, jamming the door to the SD card and battery shut.

Fortune: The camera still works and I was still able to transfer my photos with a USB cord. BONUS: Brandon has accidental coverage on the camera through 2014, so I’ll be able to get it fixed.

Misfortune: A Christmas present that was supposedly delivered to my office last Friday was nowhere to be found. I called FedEx multiple days in a row with no help.

Fortune: Turns out it was delivered in the apartment lobby across the alley from my office. Found it just in time for wrapping!

Misfortune: I left my hard drive with all my photos at work which I had been taking there because of the aforementioned bad man. And my camera battery is completely dead so I couldn’t get the photos off again, leaving me with no photos for today’s post.

Fortune: The listed songs make a fun alternative digital Christmas tree, which I’m obviously totally into this year (proof and proof)

Would you like some of this lemonade I’ve been making with all these lemons? Cheers to this week being almost over and let’s celebrate with some fun Christmas Tunes! Listen to the playlist here and if you want some more, check out 2012′s mix!

I’m signing off for the next week to spend time with family. Have a wonderful holiday, Merry Christmas and happy, happy friday. :)

typographic christmas presents


typographic christmas presents

Presents! Man oh man 19 days ago I never thought I would have this all together, but somehow I pulled it off. I’m going on year three of having a fully themed wrapping scheme, and it’s the third year I used brown kraft paper as the base (check out last year’s presents). But there are so many different things you can do with the simple paper that I’m still not tired of it.  (more…)

bacon wrapped triscuits

bacon wrapped tricuits | stuff steph does

Exactly one week until Christmas! So what does that mean?

Eat bacon!!

Because, why not? These little gems look really impressive but are so easy to make.  Even if it’s not smack dab in the middle of holiday eating season, I say these are fair game any time of year. (more…)

holiday card fun

Minted Holiday cards

I know it’s rare to see a weekend post around these parts, but this week has been so busy with holiday parties that this was the first chance I got to tell you about Minted’s holiday cards. If you haven’t already sent cards out this year I highly suggest checking out their site and playing around with their card preview tool that lets you see your photo on hundreds of cards to help you decide which card is right for you! There’s definitely still time to get cards ordered and sent out to friends and family by the new year.

I had a lot of fun making some cards with pictures of B and I from the night we got engaged. Here are some of my favorites: (more…)

alternative christmas tree (trial and error)

geometric christmas tree

Even given my new found surge of holiday giddiness, I was still adamant about not putting up our tree this year. However I did feel like attempting my own sort of “alternative” tree. So Saturday night I went into elf mode and started putting up this geometric tree out of pieces of various green card stock.  (more…)


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